3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Considering Breast Augmentation


3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Considering Breast Augmentation

Important Breast Augmentation Considerations

Plastic surgery is a fairly common event these days. Many individuals choose to leverage cosmetic procedures to enhance or change the body’s appearance. Of all the procedures performed, breast augmentation tends to be a popular option among women. While most people think solely about breast implants, other options, such as a breast lift or breast reduction, can also be considered. Before booking an appointment, women considering changes to the breasts should ask the following questions.

Augmentation defined

By the strictest definition, breast augmentation typically focuses solely on inserting breast implants either on top of or under the breast tissue. Placement, as well as the type of implant material and total volume used, are decisions made in tandem with a board-certified plastic surgeon. Likewise, women should remember that starting body mass index (BMI) and the current body profile will also play a role in selecting an implant that complements rather than detracts from overall appearance goals.

1. Which procedure is best?

As mentioned previously, multiple procedures can be performed to alter the shape, size, or profile of the breasts. While most people only picture breast implants, the reality is that these devices have limitations regarding the final result a woman can expect to achieve. For example, a woman unhappy with sagging breasts or asymmetry might want implants to boost volume. However, the devices alone won’t lift the breast tissue and eliminate sagging. Instead, this individual might want to consider getting a mastopexy, or breast lift, along with implants.

2. Motivation for surgery

Plenty of valid reasons exist for wanting plastic surgery of any kind. However, just as many dubious causes also exist. Wanting to improve the look of the breasts because of personal concerns such as sagging after breastfeeding or to look better in clothing isn’t strange or a red flag. Wanting to have larger breasts to please other people is an example of a possible problem. Plastic surgery is major surgery, not a cure-all that can take the place of doing the self-work necessary for a person to be at peace or happy with overall appearance.

3. Prepared for recovery?

Remember that plastic surgery of any kind falls under the category of major surgery. As such, expecting to wake up immediately after having a breast lift or implants with the final results in place is unrealistic. Take the time to understand what the recovery process will look like. For example, ask the plastic surgeon when the drop and fluff period will occur and what limitations will be required during the initial days after the event. In some cases, final results might not manifest until several months post-surgery.

Choosing the right procedure

Breast augmentation might feel like a commonplace surgery, but the procedure should be highly personalized to the patient’s needs and limitations. Individual results are always going to vary. However, a person’s lifestyle, personal goals, and other concerns should always be taken into account. For the best results, look for a board-certified plastic surgeon who can provide critical information and recommendations catered to each individual’s needs.

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