Lower Eyelid Surgery

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As with upper eyelid surgery, Dr. John Park’s is well known for his expertise in lower eyelid surgery. Dr. Park‘s approach to lower eyelid surgery is to soften the transition from the lower lid to the cheek, recreating a smooth contour to the midface, which in turn creates a more rejuvenated and well-rested appearance.

“Dr. Park is an amazing surgeon. Dr. Park performed my eyelid surgery and did a lift of my eyebrows. I have a friend who is married to a plastic surgeon and he even said to me that he wished he could do as great a job as Dr. Park. I highly recommend Dr. Park! Go see him. You won’t regret it!”

– L.M., Actual Patient*

What is Lower Eyelid Surgery

Protrusion of lower eyelid fat, loss of elasticity in the skin, atrophy of the cheek bones, and loss of volume and descent of the cheek soft tissue all contribute to the appearance of puffiness and bags under the eyes. This can give the impression of fatigue or not having had enough sleep. Overhead lighting casts dark shadows under the bags, aggravating their appearance. As the bags under the eyes become more prominent and the cheek descends and becomes more deflated, the tear trough also becomes more prominent.


With Dr. John Park’s extensive background in Oculoplastic Surgery combined with Plastic Surgery, he is experienced in multiple specialized approaches to cosmetic lower blepharoplasty, including removal of fat without visible scars, repositioning of fat into the tear trough in lieu of fat excision, lower eyelid chemical peel to improve the quality of lower eyelid skin, lower blepharoplasty combined with liposculpture, and midface lift with lower blepharoplasty.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Recovery

Most patients usually return to work within two days, but should avoid strenuous exercise and activities for at least two weeks. Dr. John Park will give each patient individual and specific instructions on how to care for your eyes following the procedure. He will often recommend applying lubricating ointment and cold compresses to help aid the healing process and minimize side effects such as swelling, bruising, dry or irritation to the eyes.

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