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Facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is a powerful procedure to rejuvenate the face, especially in the mid- and lower face and neck. By reshaping the underlying structures of the face and neck, and by removing sagging skin, accompanying Dr. John Park’s experience and artistic eye, he is able to create a refreshed and more youthful looking YOU, without obvious signs that you have even had surgery.


Your face is an important physical feature of yourself. Because it is always exposed to the world, it is the primary means by which a first impression and non-verbal communication is made. For the same reason, your face is always exposed to the elements and thus prone to premature aging. With time, we begin to see the signs of facial aging with slackening of the jaw and neck line and formation of jowls, all of which result from loss of soft tissue volume, sagging skin, and loss of skin elasticity. By taking a holistic approach and addressing each of these aspects of facial aging, a natural balanced result can be achieved.

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Carefully Placed Facelift Incisions Minimizes Scarring

The incision for the facelift is artfully placed behind and around the ears to hide in natural creases and be inconspicuous.


By judiciously tightening the facial tissues UNDER the skin, the skin itself can be reshaped with minimal tension to allow for a natural, but effective result without appearing pulled, and while minimizing chances for unsightly scars.

Midface / Cheek Lift Restores Volume

In some instances, the midface or cheek lift is another way to rejuvenate the appearance of your face. The midface is the area from the lower eyelids to the nasolabial folds, which are the lines from the nose to the corner of the mouth.


Over time, the midface area descends and loses volume (flattens). This can make us appear more tired or older than we are.

Fat Transfer and Injectable Fillers

Fat transfer and/or injectable fillers to sunken areas of the face complements the results of the facelift very well. It is a wonderful way to restore volume to depleted areas of the face and restore a sense of vitality to the face. Chemical peels or dermabrasion at the time of face / necklift is also a great way to treat fine wrinkles around the lips. In some instances, your skin may need to be conditioned and treated to best prepare your skin for surgery. This will all be discussed, and the best plan for your desired outcome will be mapped out during your consultation with Dr. John Park.

Depending on which certain features of their face patients would like to be addressed, Dr. Park may also perform procedures like a brow lift or eyelid procedure in conjunction with the facelift.

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Recovering From A Facelift

The face / necklift is done under general anesthesia, and patients stay overnight in an accredited facility under the care of a registered nurse. In this way, Dr. John Park can best ensure the optimal safety and comfort for his patients. Recovery time is especially important for a facelift. Dr. Park usually recommends that his patients spend one night in a recovery center, about five to seven days resting with minimal activity, and then about ten to twelve additional days before returning to work and minimal activity. Dr. Park will give specific instructions on how to care for your face and skin after the procedure.

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