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See what people are saying about their experience with John Park MD Plastic Surgery. You’ll find reviews from popular sources such as Yelp, Facebook and Google, but also cards that Dr. Park’s patients have sent to him to share their appreciation for his work. Please note individual results may vary and we invite you to discuss your goals and expectations with Dr. Park during your consultation.*

“Dear Dr. Park,

I wanted to express my gratitude for performing surgery on my son S. My daughter T. explained all that took place at Hoag last Friday. Your genuine concern for S. touched her greatly. It was a difficult decision for you to make. We are indebted to you and cannot thank you enough. I believe God has a plan for my son and I pray that S.’s ears will hear His message. May God bless you always.”

Sincerely, A.B.*

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Reviews | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

“Dr. Park,

Thank you for restoring me to a state of peace with your gifted touch.”


Orange County Plastic Surgeon Reviews | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

“Dear Dr. Park,

Thank you for answering all of the million questions I asked, presurgery, with patience. Thank you for bringing me through the surgery with minimal pain. But most of all, THANK YOU for being a thoughtful, caring doctor.”

With Sincere Gratitude, D.F.*

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Reviews | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

“Dear Dr. Park,

I will never forget your kindness and compassionate care of me during my stay at a hospital. You have a special gift and I hope many other patients will be lucky to receive it. God bless you and your family always.”

Hugs, M.*

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Reviews | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

“Dear Dr. Park,

I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me. You have given me my life back filled with confidence and closure in one of the most difficult times in my life. I thank God for blessing you with such a special gift. The gift of healing.”

With sincere thanks and appreciation, M.S.*

Orange County Plastic Surgeon Reviews | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

“You have been much more to me than a doctor, but real life-saver. The surgery gave my life a new beginning. Thanks for doing that perfectly, Dr. Park!”





Featured Yelp Reviews

Please note individual results may vary and we invite you to discuss your goals and expectations with Dr. Park during your consultation.*

“I am 49 years old and have two small children.  I was tired of looking like their grandma instead of their mom. Dr. Park performed an eyebrow lift with a chemical peel on the lower half of my face. the results are much better than I could have hoped for.  I had always wanted larger breasts, to be in proportion with the rest of my body.  Dr. Park walked me through the procedure and helped me make the best decision regarding size and shape.  Dr. Park is amazing.  He made me comfortable immediately.  I felt like I had known him for years.  He really cares about his patient’s.  He personally called to check up on me.  He gave me my smile back.”

-Lisa H., Yelp Review *

“How could I not love Dr. Park? Dr Park is knowledgeable; he knows what he is doing and has done an excellent procedure. He took his time to thoroughly analyze my situation and made recommendations to make sure everything what I want and expected. Dr Park is caring and did not mind giving me special attention; seeing me numerous times, making me feel comfortable before and after the surgery. Dr Park is attentive and concerned about my needs, very detailed explanation on what and how the procedure going to be, and made calls to see how my recover went. Recovery was not an issue; it was fast healing and l experience minimal pain, by just following his instructions step by step before and after surgery. He is patient and that makes me feel comfortable by knowing all will be well – he knows what he is doing and you can trust him. My breasts look and feel amazing.”

– Florsie R., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park, I just wanted to thank you are truly a fabulous doctor. I also wanted to say thank you for being so down to earth. You are very easy to talk to and you really make your patients feel comfortable.”

-Norma G., Yelp Review *

“Not only a great surgeon but a great person. Who cares about his patients to visit them daily during his 2 week recovery in the hospital. Also the physician that didn’t pick the simplest solution but the most complicated and intense solution that best fit his patient’s wellness… to make my recovery the success it is today, I owe him a lot!”

– Jim D., Yelp Review *

“I researched and interviewed multiple, well renowned surgeons including some known as “celebrities”. Then I found Dr. Park. Honestly, he was the only one that I felt knew what he was talking about and not trying to take advantage of me (one doctor wanted to charge me $30k for a facelift that I didn’t need). I decided to go with Dr. Park. He worked on the scarring and retraction on my eye. It’s been 3 weeks and I can’t believe the results. I can close my eye after 20 years and it is looking great. He is a must.”

-Peaches M., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park is the best! I went to him to get a mommy makeover after seeing what he did for my friend. She looked so fantastic just weeks after surgery, and I wanted the same! Dr. Park was incredibly nice, down to earth, so understanding of my concerns, and answered every single question I could think of. My results are amazing- better than I ever imagined. I had tried working out, eating right, etc. but my midsection was a real problem that wouldn’t go away…I have to say Liposuction is a godsend, and whatever he did to make my abs tight again is nothing short of a miracle! I have my pre-baby body back (actually, better) which I thought was gone forever. I realize it was not a miracle but the result of Dr. Park’s God-given talent, hard work, compassion, and conviction to deliver the best results I was hoping for. I am so glad I went with Dr. Park. He is the best!!!!”

– Angela D., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park educated me on my procedures that I was interested in and gave me the information I needed to make my decision.  Most importantly there was never any pressure to commit to having the plastic surgery done.  Dr. Park truly puts you at ease and ensures that at the end of the day, if you’re happy then he’s happy, even if that decision is NOT to have any surgery.  All the positive reviews you have read, I BELIEVE they are all true, because Dr. Park gave me his cell phone number as well.  He responds ASAP and needless to say I trusted Dr. Park and had my plastic surgery done.  I could not be happier with my results and I am soooo thankful that I went with Dr. Park.”

-M.W., Yelp Review *

“I cannot express enough how amazing Dr. Park is!  He is a true artist.  My tummy tuck was a complete success!  The procedure changed my life.  And I couldn’t be happier with the results.  Dr. Park made me feel very comfortable, informed, and excited about the whole process.  He took his time to answer my questions over and over again and paid special attention to my needs.  If you’re looking for a very talented plastic surgeon who is knowledgeable, supportive, and gifted, then go see Dr. Park!  You won’t be sorry!”

– Veronica H., Yelp Review *

“It’s been almost 3 weeks since Dr. Park did a blepharoplasty on me, and I couldn’t be happier!  Not only am I pleased beyond expectation with the results, but he has the best bedside manner and really cares about his patients!”

– F.N.B., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park went over the procedure, showed actual pictures of previous patients that had the same procedure by him, and drew a diagram of what it would look like for me.He was patient answering all of my questions and I didn’t feel rushed or pressured.”

– Jennifer, Yelp Review *

“All of the comments you see on Yelp are accurate in describing Dr. Park. He is a FANTASTIC plastic surgeon. Even more, he is a special doctor. His credentials are extremely impressive and is matched by his bedside manner.”

– Shawn K., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park is thorough, attentive, and kind! Seeing Dr. Park was my first experience with a plastic surgeon and it was everything I could have hoped for.”

– Kate M., Yelp Review *

“I cannot thank you enough for your quality of care, professionalism, and concern that was demonstrated by all of the staff. To you, Dr. Park I cannot say enough about your skill and talent. Amazing!!!!!!! My scar is not visible at all!!! Highly recommended”

– Rashida W., Yelp Review *

“I had a upper eyelid and a brow lift done by him. He truly changed my life. I feel much younger and I feel more youthful then ever. I was very scared to do this procedure but he made me feel so comfortable that I felt really good about it that I right there booked my surgery date. I highly recommend anyone to go to him you will not regret It at all. Thank you so much Dr. Park you truly changed my life :)”

– Soli A., Yelp Review *

“After much research, I decided to have Dr. Park do my upper eye lid surgery. He was amazing, from the consultation to my surgery, I felt he was very competent and his suggestions were spot on. He spent time with me to make sure we were doing exactly what I wanted. The surgery was quick and so was my recovery. The outcome far exceeded my expectations. I was very impressed by his work and would recommend this talented surgeon to anyone.”

– Jeff D., Yelp Review *

“He was super-patient in listening to my concerns and we went over different ways to get the look I wanted. During our conversation, I could tell that he is extremely detail-oriented, super-smart, and a perfectionist. Fast forward to 5 weeks post-surgery: I am SO HAPPY with the results!!! Everyone is wondering what kind of new workout I’m doing lol. My breasts are better than they have ever been 🙂 and the scar from my tummy tuck is hidden in my bikini line- so great. “

– Jessica C., Yelp Review *

“I was a bit concerned before surgery about over correction but Dr Park was pretty spot on and I’m happy w/ the results. If you have been living w/ something like I have your whole life and you have been self conscious about it.  I would wholeheartedly recommend Dr Park.  If given the chance to live the rest of your life w/o that hit to your self esteem and be more confident it is totally worth it.”

– Felix V., Yelp Review *

“Dr. Park is great at what he does!! I was looking for a plastic surgeon for my tummy tuck for almost 8 months and Dr. Park was the one that had my mind set! He took the time to answer all my questions and gave me more information I didn’t know I needed!!! He’s honest and cares. My tummy tuck looks amazing!!! I’m so glad I found him!”

– Vanessa M., Yelp Review *

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