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Breast shape, size, and firmness will change with age, pregnancy, following breast feeding, and with large changes in weight. These changes can occur whether or not a woman has breast implants. When these changes cause the breast tissue to sag over the implant, the breast shape will lose its round shape and look elongated as the breast drops from the center of the implant. In other instances, the position or shape of the implant may be a less than desireable change if capsular contracture should develop or if a woman just wants a change in size or style of breast implants. These are the most common reasons for breast revision surgery.

Breast Revision Surgery Expectations

Breast revision surgery is often much more complex than the primary breast enhancement procedure. As each component of breast revision surgery varies due to the different circumstances with each patient, some revision work can be minor while at other times it can be quite major. Because breast revision surgery requires such a customized approach to correct results of a previous surgery or changes that have occurred over time since surgery, Dr. Park will spend a great deal of time explaining what in particular is contributing to the appearance of our breasts that you are not happy with and go over the various options that would be best for you to achieve your desired outcome.

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Newport Beach Breast Revision Surgery Consultation

After your consultation with Dr. Park, you will be well informed so that you may make the best decision for breast revision surgery to achieve your goal. If you would like to learn more or think you are a candidate for breast revision surgery please call John Park MD Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation and learn more. Call (949) 777-6883 or send an email to arrange an appointment.

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