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Statistics show that 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will have breast cancer in their lifetime. If you are one of these women, you are sure to have many questions and possible anxiety about the journey to recovery. While achieving and maintaining cancer-free status is undoubtedly your main priority, many women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer also have questions about breast reconstruction. Having completed his plastic surgery residency at UC Irvine Medical Center and being an affiliated faculty, Dr. John Park has performed breast reconstruction surgeries for many breast cancer patients and will help you through your journey to recovery.

“I am a breast cancer survivor and had a double mastectomy. Dr. Park was my plastic surgeon and had the difficult job of reconstructing my very deformed chest. He not only is the most caring and patient doctor I’ve ever had but he did such an amazing job on my breast reconstruction that even my oncologist was impressed and said they look so natural! I’m so thankful for all he has done for me in making me feel like a woman again and helping me to move on in life!”

– M.S., Actual Patient*

Breast Reconstruction | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

Breast Reconstruction and Recovery Team

Your breast oncology team will recommend whether a mastectomy or breast-conserving surgery, also known as a lumpectomy, will be most suitable for your particular breast cancer. Dr. John Park will work closely with you and your breast surgeon to integrate breast reconstruction into your recovery process. Please note that breast reconstruction is usually a multi-stage process with two or more surgeries.


With immediate reconstruction, some patients can begin the process of breast reconstruction at the same stage as their mastectomy or lumpectomy; otherwise, reconstruction can begin some time after recovery from the mastectomy or lumpectomy.

Breast Reconstruction | John Park MD Plastic Surgery

Stages of Breast Reconstruction

1) The first stage of breast reconstruction is the formation of the breast mound. Usually this is done without the adding of nipples. This first stage surgery usually takes quite some time to recover from as it is the most complex of the procedures.


2) After recovery from Stage 1, Stage 2 usually comprises of a much shorter surgery to refine the shape and size of the breasts and to add nipples. After this procedure, some women elect to undergo tattooing of areolas and nipple coloring.


Breast reconstruction can be a long and emotional process and perhaps may not be the choice for everyone. It is a personal choice, and if you are considering breast reconstruction, Dr. Park will educate and discuss with your the different options and possible outcomes.

Breast Reconstruction Consultation

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