3 Reasons You Should Consider Breast Implants

3 Reasons You Should Consider Breast Implants | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

3 Reasons You Should Consider Breast Implants

Breast augmentation is the most popular plastic surgery procedure performed. More and more women of all ages across Newport Beach and the surrounding areas are seeking out breast implants at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. Yes, the majority of women are looking to increase their breast size and profile, but there are several other reasons women opt to undergo breast augmentation. If you’ve been thinking about possibly getting breast implants, here are some of the other benefits, aside from a fuller bosom, that are drawing women to schedule a breast implant consultation with Dr. John Park.

Renewed Self-Confidence

It’s no secret that women want to look and feel beautiful. Many women who are born with naturally small breasts, tend to lack self-confidence. They are often self-conscious and take every opportunity to cover up their chest or work to pad it to disguise their smaller profile. Breast implants can help to give them the confidence they so desperately desire by improving a part of their body that has proven to make them feel uncomfortable. This, in turn, increases their overall self-esteem and confidence thus allowing them to finally love their body.

Feel Whole Again Following A Mastectomy

Losing one or both breasts can be tragic and life-altering for a woman. Breasts evoke femininity and beauty so by losing them to cancer or another disease, many women feel as if they have lost a piece of their identity. They no longer feel like a woman or even beautiful. This, in turn, leads women to become depressed and causing them to become isolated – not wanting to be seen. Breast implants following a mastectomy can help women to feel whole again and more like themselves. It gives them the opportunity to see their body close to how it may have been before becoming sick.

Enhanced Body Proportions

Breast augmentation is ideal for women who feel as if their body is not proportionate. If you have a smaller bustline and a curvier bottom, breast implants can help to achieve that coveted hourglass figure that women so desperately want. With breast augmentation, you’re able to enhance your upper curves to the exact size and volume that makes you happy.

Learn More About The Benefits of Breast Implants At John Park MD Plastic Surgery

If you’re considering breast implants, schedule a consultation with Dr. Park and find out what breast augmentation can do for you. Breast implants can transform your life giving you the voluptuous bustline you’ve always wanted. Call (949) 777-6883 to schedule your personal consultation today!

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