5 Perks of Plastic Surgery

5 Perks of Plastic Surgery | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

5 Perks of Plastic Surgery

Have you been considering cosmetic surgery? John Park MD Plastic Surgery is your leading Newport Beach plastic surgeon specializing in a wide range of procedures to help you achieve your goals. There are many benefits to plastic surgery, including:

1. More confidence. When you look your best, you feel your best. It’s only natural that looking even more like your best self will affect other aspects of your life. Those with high self-esteem enjoy more success in every part of their life, including professionally and romantically. You might be more willing to try new things, be more social, or have the confidence to wear certain styles or clothes you love.

2. Better physical health. How can a cosmetic procedure make you healthier? There are many correlations to plastic surgery and physical health. For instance, a woman who dreams of running a marathon might find training a lot easier after a breast lift.

3. Better mental health. Watch your mental health improve along with your physical health after many cosmetic procedures. For some patients, their social anxiety or depression can be greatly eased by plastic surgery. It’s all part of that self-confidence, and many patients report feeling like they have more control over their life after surgery.

4. More opportunities may come your way. Some studies show that people who are deemed more attractive (which really just means having more self-esteem!) have better professional opportunities. For instance, a 2012 study in Applied Financial Economics revealed that real estate agents perceived as attractive could secure higher house sales.

5. Take the weight off and keep it off. If you opt for liposuction as a standalone procedure or as a complement to a procedure, you’re choosing the only way to banish fat permanently. Diet and exercise can reduce the size of fat cells, but only liposuction immediately and permanently removes fat cells. Keeping excess fat at bay is important for overall health.

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