A Mommy Makeover: 4 Benefits Of A Breast Lift After Pregnancy


A Mommy Makeover: 4 Benefits Of A Breast Lift After Pregnancy

Pregnancy Takes A Physical Toll

Any woman who has been pregnant knows the process is long but rewarding. Finally holding a beautiful baby can feel fantastic, but everything changes after having a child, including a woman’s body. Postpartum weight fluctuations are typical and expected. Some women also experience breast size, shape, and location changes due to breastfeeding. These changes can affect confidence and self-esteem and may even increase the risk of postpartum depression. To restore confidence for new moms, women can get a breast lift after pregnancy as part of a process called the mommy makeover.

Time for a makeover?

Mommy makeovers are growing in demand as women struggle to return to pre-pregnancy appearance. The term is specific to recent mothers who can experience sagging breasts, increased abdominal fat, and stretched sagging skin after carrying a baby. While diet and exercise can help, some women still need additional assistance. Mommy makeovers happen at least 6-8 weeks after the child’s birth. Breast lifts are an essential part of a mommy makeover. The surgeon will make incisions in specific areas to lift and tighten the skin and breast tissue. Here are 4 reasons more women are considering the procedure.

1. Improve breast positioning

Even just a few weeks post-pregnancy, women will notice changes in breast size and location. Breastfeeding and hormonal changes can further contribute to sagging breasts. The changes in tissue and increased skin may not improve with exercise and diet alone. A breast lift removes excess skin and repositions tissue. The breast will feel more upright with the nipples in a central position.

2. Shape and symmetry

The appearance of asymmetric breasts is another concern for women after pregnancy. With this diagnosis, the breasts are different sizes. In some cases, the breasts and nipples sit at different locations on the chest. A qualified surgeon can identify these changes and recommend the best procedure. A breast lift corrects any issues of shape, symmetry, and nipple location.

3. Restore confidence

Even with the joy of having a child, some women look in the mirror and lose hope. Many are too stressed and busy to work on improving appearance with diet and exercise. Those that do are even more frustrated when there is little progress. Changes in the body can lead to lower self-esteem and even depression. Opting for a breast lift and mommy makeover can help women feel happier and more confident.

4. Combination approach

A mommy makeover is not limited to just a breast lift. In most cases, the surgeon will recommend a combination of procedures to sculpt the body. Breast lifts are often the primary concern due to the dramatic changes in breast tissue. However, the doctor may also recommend liposuction, breast augmentation, or a tummy tuck. These procedures can make new mothers look and feel great.

A happier mommy

When the body does not respond to diet and exercise postpartum, a breast lift can help. While a mommy makeover can transform the body, the procedure is not for every individual. A board-certified plastic surgeon must first determine if the patient is a proper candidate. The best patient should be near an ideal body weight, have good underlying health, and realistic expectations. With these criteria in mind, restoring the body to a pre-baby appearance is possible.

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