A Natural Breast Lift: 3 Ways To Reduce Scarring After Mastopexy


A Natural Breast Lift: 3 Ways To Reduce Scarring After Mastopexy

Is Scarring A Part Of Mastopexy?

Breast lift, or mastopexy, is a common cosmetic procedure to improve the shape of the breasts. The surgery offers women the desired lift and fullness by removing the excess skin responsible for sagging. Additional tissue may be repositioned, or breast implants may be added for complete rejuvenation. Even with all the benefits offered, mastopexy often leads to scarring due to the incisions made in strategic parts of the breasts. Scarring is a part of mastopexy, but these 3 tips help limit scarring so women can get maximum enjoyment from the breast lift.

1. Establish a scar-healing lifestyle

After a breast lift, the patient needs several weeks to heal fully. During this time, scars will begin to form at the incision areas. However, there are ways to reduce inflammation and promote healing. For example, patients should stop smoking at least 30 days before the procedure. Adopting a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, reducing stress, and mild exercise can also help. Taking a multivitamin to ensure no nutritional deficiencies are present is also a good idea.

2. Change the sleeping position

Immediately after surgery, the patient will have to resume some activities of daily living, such as sleeping, showering, and using the bathroom. Sleep is an essential part of healing and reducing scars. However, the wrong sleeping position can apply pressure to surgical incisions, leading to bleeding and longer healing times. Sleeping on the side or back instead of the stomach reduces the chances of scarring. Doctors also recommend sleeping upright or on the back for the first 2 weeks of recovery.

3. Scar reduction means scar protection

Caring for the incisions after surgery is an essential part of recovery. Post-operative care ensures that scarring is kept to a minimum. The medical team will provide a list of recommended rules to help with healing. These rules include changing bandages, using antiseptic or antibacterial soaps, and limiting excessive movement. Supportive bras and tape can limit movement and protect the incisions during the healing process. Follow all instructions to ensure the incisions heal effectively.

Enjoy the natural lift today

Mastopexy is an excellent cosmetic procedure to help women with sagging breasts due to age, breastfeeding, or weight loss. The process requires incisions, which may lead to scarring. However, the right protocol can reduce the risk of excess scarring so patients can enjoy the results. Follow a healthy diet while reducing unhealthy habits like smoking or alcohol use. Limit excess pressure on the incisions and care for the wounds as best as possible. These steps will ensure a patient experiences maximum satisfaction with mastopexy.

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