A Week After Breast Augmentation: Lifestyle Expectations & Outings

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A Week After Breast Augmentation: Lifestyle Expectations & Outings

The Basics Of Recovery

Breast augmentation is a major surgery that affects how the body looks and feels. After the surgery, many patients experience pain, swelling, bruising, and fatigue. These are all normal post surgery symptoms that decrease over time. Usually, patients spend a few hours in the hospital after surgery to recover from the anesthesia. After getting some rest, the patient is released and can go home. The recovery process lasts for a few months.

What to expect during the first 24 hours

The first day after surgery can feel like a blur. Patients are still experiencing pain and discomfort. The patient will wear compression garments to support the breasts and promote healing. The patient will also have surgical incisions and stitches that must be properly cared for to prevent infection. Doctors may prescribe medication to alleviate pain symptoms or instruct the patient to take over-the-counter medication.

The week after surgery

During the first week, patients should still be wearing the surgical compression bra or bandages recommended by the doctor. If the patient has any drainage tubes or stitches, the patient will have to make an appointment to get the tubes removed by a doctor. Patients can continue to take pain medication if pain persists. However, patients should refrain from strenuous physical activity. Even lifting the hands above the head can cause pain or disrupt sutures.

What happens the first month after surgery?

After the first couple of weeks, bruising and swelling around the breast area should start to decrease. Patients may still be taking pain medication, but the pain should be less severe. At this point, patients may be able to engage in light physical activity and exercise. Patients can also slowly get back to a daily routine.

What lifestyle adjustments should I expect?

In the days following surgery, patients should anticipate lots of downtime. As the body recovers, patients will not be able to perform normal duties. During this time, patients should get rest and need someone in the home to help with household chores. This person should also help with childcare if necessary and fill up prescriptions. Patients will probably not want to leave the house for the first couple of weeks after surgery.

Will I be able to go outside?

Patients can go outside but may not be able to engage in regular physical activities. Patients may also feel sleepy or groggy due to pain medication, reducing the desire to go outside. Patients should also try to eat healthily and avoid too much alcohol consumption. Patients should also avoid activities like running and other high-impact sports.

Should I speak to a physician?

Patients interested in learning more about breast augmentations and post-surgical care should consult a plastic surgeon. A plastic surgeon will be able to detail the recovery process along with lifestyle changes. Patients should schedule a consultation with a surgeon to learn more about the breast augmentation recovery process.

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