Above & Below: 3 Benefits Of Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

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Above & Below: 3 Benefits Of Dual Plane Breast Augmentation

Which Placement Is Best For Breast Implants?

Thanks in part to the rise of social media and photo filters, thousands of new patients consider plastic surgery each year. For the last decade, augmentation mammoplasty has remained the most commonly performed cosmetic surgical procedure in the United States, with nearly 300,000 patients undergoing the procedure annually. Along with activity level and financial stability, patients should determine how much downtime is practical before scheduling cosmetic surgery. In the past, doctors performed sub-glandular or submuscular breast augmentation. Today, plastic surgeons combine the techniques to reap the benefits of each approach including breast sensation, accurate screening results, and implant stability. The benefits of dual plane breast augmentation techniques include corrected breast deflation, more accurate screening, and subtle results.

1. Less breast deflation

For many women, losing volume due to nursing, cancer, or other circumstances is an uncomfortable yet common occurrence. In cases of breast deflation, dual plane techniques help by installing the implant a bit lower than usual. Setting the implant lower helps fill out the top of the breast, providing lift along with volume.

2. Accurate scans

Over the-muscle implants focus on maintaining breast sensation as well as the ability to nurse. Under the muscle, implants offer subtle augmentation and high visibility during mammograms. As a trade-off, sub-glandular implants require additional images during mammograms to provide accurate screening results. With dual plane breast augmentations, surgeons combine the techniques to reap the benefit of both placements of implants. To expand the breast tissue, surgeons implant teardrop-shaped implants filled with saline or silicone gel. Implants placed over the muscle utilize a type of tissue called the acellular dermal network. Over time, the body replaces the tissue with collagen.

2. Subtle, low-risk results

Under-the-muscle implants often look more subtle due to the fact that both the breast tissue and muscle are covering the implant. With dual plane techniques, the upper portion of the implant is covered by muscle and breast tissue, while the lower portion is covered by breast tissue alone. Notable benefits include putting less strain on the breast tissue while maintaining blood flow to the areolas. For women prone to blood clots, dual plane techniques minimize risk.

Your winning strategy

As patients move through the process of selecting a surgeon and type of implant, discussing options can seem overwhelming. With dual plane techniques, patients can rest easy in the benefits of both over- and under-the-muscle strategies. Depending on the patient’s health history, sub-glandular or submuscular can provide improved breast contour and body image. However, dual plane breast augmentation takes the best techniques from each approach, offering better breast sensation, accurate screening results, and stability. Every patient has different goals for breast augmentation, but with dual plane techniques, many patients look and feel better.

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