Achieve Your Desired Look: Exploring The Options For Breast Augmentation


Achieve Your Desired Look: Exploring The Options For Breast Augmentation

Augmenting Your Look

Improving breast size via cosmetic surgery is no longer frowned upon. For medical or cosmetic reasons, breast augmentation allows women to have larger, fuller breasts, which can enhance appearance and improve confidence. A cosmetic surgeon will discuss the patient’s goals during an initial consultation. Each potential patient has a specific vision of how the implants should look, often based on a picture or celebrity. Achieving this vision means choosing the correct variables both before and during surgery.

More than an implant

Breast augmentation is the process of inserting material, either an implant or fat transfer, to enhance the size and shape of the breasts. The patient can opt for silicone or saline implants, both of which have benefits and drawbacks. Gummy bear implants are another option growing in popularity. After the surgery, the patient will undergo a short recovery period of several weeks. During this time, the implants and breasts will drop and fluff out to the desired size, symmetry, and location. Most patients want breast augmentation to look as natural as possible. Consulting a skilled and experienced surgeon who can explore all implant options is the best way to achieve the desired look.

Implant sizing and profile

The size, shape, and profile of the implant play a major role in the final results. The implant size is measured in cubic centimeters (ccs) rather than a specific bra or breast size. On average, 150-200 ccs of a given saline or silicone implant equals a cup size. Each implant also has a specific profile, which indicates how far the implant protrudes from the chest wall when standing. Profiles range from low to moderate, high, and ultra-high. A large implant with an incorrect profile may not produce the desired look. The surgeon and patient must choose the right combination for the greatest likelihood of success.

Picture perfect placement

The location of the implant can also influence the look the patient desires. Breast implants are surgically installed in a subglandular or submuscular location. The subglandular implant is placed in front of the chest muscle. This option results in less movement and faster recovery but can increase the chances of capsular contracture. Submuscular implants are placed behind the chest muscle. This option can create a more natural look but requires a more extended recovery. There’s also the dual plane method, where part of the implant is behind the wall and part lies in front of the wall. This option provides both benefits to the patient.

Does incision placement matter?

Breast implant surgery can happen in multiple ways based on the type and location of the incision. An inframammary incision occurs along the crease where the breast meets the chest wall. This option is excellent for precise implant placement and for women who want to hide the scars of the procedure. A periareolar incision happens around the dark skin of the areola. This option is great for subglandular placement and hiding incisions within the dark skin near the nipples. Finally, a transaxillary incision happens via a tunnel near the armpit. This option hides scarring but may not be suitable for larger implants. The surgeon will help the patient decide on the best choice for a natural look.

Adding a lift

Breast augmentation increases the size and profile of the breasts. However, some women want to lift and fill the breasts for a more enhanced look. In these cases, the surgeon will suggest adding a breast lift to remove excess skin and tissue. Combining an augmentation with a lift can help patients achieve the desired look.

Enjoy the final results

Breast augmentation is a great way to increase the size and shape of the breasts. However, there are different options available to achieve the desired results. The patient and the surgeon must choose the right implant size, profile, and location. The right incision and decision about whether to add on a lift can also create high success and satisfaction rates. Speak with a surgeon to explore all the possible options with breast augmentation.

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