What Activities Can I Do after Getting Breast Implants?

Activity after Getting Breast Implants? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

What Activities Can I Do after Getting Breast Implants?

Maybe you’re thinking about getting breast implants, but wondering if you’ll be able to do all the hobbies you love or breastfeed in the future if you get this popular surgery. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, you’ll get answers to all of your questions during your consultation and throughout the surgery process. However, here are just a few things you’ll still be able to do if you get breast implants:

4 things you can still do after breast implants

  • Work out. After you’re fully recovered (about six weeks), you’ll be able to enjoy all of your favorite workouts with minimal or no modifications. There’s no reason you can’t practice yoga, kickboxing, or long-distance running with implants. However, you will likely need to get a larger sports bra, and that’s one of the most fun post-surgery shopping expeditions for many patients.
  • Have children and breastfeed. Implants don’t change during pregnancy, but the tissue around the implant can. This is perfectly natural. However, your breasts will continue to look natural during and after pregnancy, and your breasts will return to post-surgery aesthetics after you give birth. Plus, the vast majority of women have no problems breastfeeding despite having breast implants. There’s no need to wait until after you’ve finished having biological children to get the breast implants you want.
  • Sleep comfortably. If you’re a belly or side sleeper, you’ll likely still be able to sleep comfortably in your usual position after breast implants. However, it’s important to follow post-operative care closely, and this may include sleeping modifications for a few weeks after the surgery.
  • Enjoy intimate moments. You will still have pleasurable sensation in the breasts after getting implants. Many women report that their intimate relationships are even more pleasurable after getting breast implants thanks to a big boost in self-confidence and self-esteem.

Just about anything you want. Getting breast implants betters women’s lives by helping them to achieve the aesthetic and breast profile they desire. It’s a complement to nearly every facet of your life.

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