Are Your Breasts Asymmetric In Appearance? What To Do About Implant Displacement

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Are Your Breasts Asymmetric In Appearance? What To Do About Implant Displacement

Are Your Implants Not Quite The Same?

Breast augmentation requires several weeks of recovery and at least 6 months to see full results. Some women are surprised to see that breasts can appear uneven after recovery. Asymmetry is natural in the human body. However, implant displacement may have occurred if one breast is clearly out of place. Implant displacement is a possible complication of breast augmentation, and revision surgery may be necessary.

What is implant displacement?

Implants are silicone, saline, or gummy inserts placed in a specific location of each breast. Sometimes, the implant can move from the intended spot, known as implant displacement. The implant can move too far forward, backward, upward, or downward. As a result, the breast and nipple end up in an unnatural position. The breasts can spread away from the chest wall or drop below the inframammary fold.

What causes implant displacement?

Implant displacement is a complication of breast augmentation. Most cases can be traced to incorrect placement in the first procedure. For instance, the implant may be too large for the space behind the chest wall. Sometimes, the implant is the correct size, but insufficient space was created for a secure fit. Even if the surgery was successful, capsular contracture, gravity, aging, and weight loss can cause implant displacement.

How can I tell if my implant has shifted?

There are a few signs that something is wrong with the implant and the surgeon must get involved. Some women will notice signs of tightness and pain, especially when lying face down. Others will notice that the nipple is slightly out of place, especially in bras and bikini tops. The breasts can look different in the mirror, especially if the surgery was successful before. Even if the patient is unsure, seeing the surgeon again can help.

Let’s make it better

Implant displacement is correctable with the help of a plastic surgeon. Most patients return to the original surgeon, while others seek a second opinion. The first step is to find the type and cause of the implant displacement. The surgeon will also assess the size of the implants with the implant pocket. Revision surgery happens through the same incisions as the first procedure to minimize scarring. The surgeon will create the necessary space and replace the implant if necessary. The surrounding tissue is also adjusted to prevent the recurrence of implant displacement.

On equal footing

Implant displacement can cause patients to lose confidence. Asymmetrical results also lower the patient’s satisfaction rate. Any patient with signs of asymmetry should reschedule a visit with a surgeon immediately. Since the surgeon will use the same incisions, the procedure is safe and effective, with little downtime. Revision surgery can bring symmetry, fullness, and volume expected in the first procedure.

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