Ask Your Plastic Surgeon: 4 Questions To Ask Before Surgery

john park plastic surgery Ask Your Plastic Surgeon 4 Questions To Ask Before Surgery

Ask Your Plastic Surgeon: 4 Questions To Ask Before Surgery

Q&A With Your Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery starts with just a thought in the mind of a future patient. That thought turns into research before, finally, an initial consultation. Whether the patient wants a facelift, breast augmentation, or other procedure, the talk helps solidify the decision. Conversations with the surgeon help the potential patient to gauge personality, competence, and overall experience. During the Q&A session, don’t forget to ask these 4 critical questions.

1. How often have you done this procedure?

This question helps to gauge the surgeon’s expertise. Some surgeons have decades of experience with specific procedures but little with others. Asking the question does not speak to the competency of the doctor but helps patients feel more comfortable. The surgeon will provide visual examples of past patients and speak specifically to each patient’s needs.

2. How long would it take to recover, on average?

A big concern is the length of recovery. Surgery can take a few hours, but the recovery time can sometimes take months. And of course, there are many examples online of complicated recoveries and unsuccessful surgery. The surgeon should provide an idea of the recovery process with the caveat that each patient is different. Recovery depends on factors like overall health, healing ability, and recovery regimen and should help prepare for the time off and resources needed for the recovery process.

3. What happens if serious complications arise?

With even the best surgeons in the country, there is the possibility of complications. All surgeries, elective or otherwise, come with risk. The surgeon should outline a few options and what the clinic will do if anything happens. A helpful sign is if the surgeon has direct access to a hospital or urgent care. A simple contingency plan can help future patients feel more comfortable with surgery.

4. When will I see the results?

Cosmetic surgery is all about the results. Patients want to see a change that will increase confidence, improve body shape, and last for years. Each surgical procedure has different timelines to see results. Some procedures, like breast augmentation surgery, can take 6-8 weeks to see full results. Others can take much longer to fully show the benefits. The surgeon will set expectations during the initial consultation.

Some helpful tips on your consultation journey

These questions, and many others, can help future patients feel more confident about the procedure. Make sure to book consultations with more than one plastic surgeon. The surgeon should be board-certified. Most of all, intuition matters when choosing the surgeon. Trust the initial feeling from the doctor, nurses and office. These questions can help provide a more successful overall experience.

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