Asymmetry Fixed With Breast Surgery

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Asymmetry Fixed With Breast Surgery

While we expect that pairs of body parts – such as breasts – would be perfectly symmetrical, the chances are that they aren’t. In fact, experts say that 100% of women have some degree of breast asymmetry when it comes to their breasts. To most women, this degree of asymmetry is so minor that it goes unnoticed. But for some, the imbalance can be a major issue, and they want to level it out with a breast lift, breast reduction or breast implants.

Understanding Breast Asymmetry

Asymmetry is something that we can’t control, as it starts before we are even born. Pairs of body parts are controlled by genetics. Stressors during pregnancy can affect the central nervous system, which can alter growth and development. This can make one breast seem lopsided or larger than the other.

It’s important to know that while the outside of the human body may look symmetrical, the insides of our bodies are anything but. Organs are arranged with no particular rhyme or reason, so a lack of symmetry is not necessarily something to be concerned about.

Is Surgery the Answer For Breast Asymmetry?

Since no pair of breasts is perfectly symmetrical, does that mean that every woman should consider breast surgery? Not at all. However, if you’re considering plastic surgery on the breasts anyway, then you should shoot for symmetry while you’re at it.

To most plastic surgeons, symmetry is an important aspect of breast aesthetics. Symmetry can be attained in not all, but most, cases. However, it will often require bilateral surgery, so if you want your breasts to look their best, then you will most likely need surgery on both to obtain the results you desire.

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