The Many Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

The Many Benefits of Breast Augmentation Surgery

At John Park MD Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, breast augmentation is one of the most popular procedures. Whether as a standalone procedure or part of a mommy makeover, breast augmentation has been shown in studies to enhance aesthetics and boasts psychological benefits. According to research in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 98% of women report being satisfied with their breast augmentation results five years after getting surgery.

Breast Augmentation Benefits

Over 200 women were interviewed about their results, recovery, and the psychological impact of breast augmentation. The average woman was 34 years old, and most opted for saline breast implants under the muscle, which offers a more natural look. The average breast implant volume was 390 cc. In most cases, patients took advantage of prescribed pain medication for just five days post-surgery and took seven days off work to recover. On average, the women felt completely “back to normal” just 25 days after their breast augmentation.

Of the women surveyed, 85% found that their increased breast size was “just right” while 13% decided they would have preferred a larger size. The good news is that breast implants can always be changed if or when a woman decides a change to her aesthetic is in order. The vast majority of the women had incisions hidden in the crease below the breast, which easily hides the thin mark. When asked about the incision location and firmness of the breasts, more than half of the patients rated their results as a perfect 10/10.

The study found that in addition to 98 percent of women being happy with their results, 98% also said the results either met or exceeded expectations. Beyond aesthetics, almost 92% of women said their self-esteem increased after breast augmentation, while 64% stated they enjoyed a better quality of life. Prior to having surgery, 86% of the patients said they were self-conscious about their breast size, but that percentage of course plummeted post-surgery.

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Breast augmentation remains the single most popular plastic surgery in the country with about 286,000 procedures performed every year. If you’re interested in breast augmentation in Newport Beach, call John Park MD Plastic Surgery today at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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