Bigger Or Smaller Implants? How A Breast Augmentation Exchange May Be The Answer

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Bigger Or Smaller Implants? How A Breast Augmentation Exchange May Be The Answer

Is It Time For A New Pair?

Thousands of women choose to undergo breast augmentation every year for cosmetic or medical reasons. The procedure has evolved over the years to become safer and more natural. However, breast implants are not permanent. At some point, a patient may want a breast augmentation exchange. Even if the implants are fine, some women may opt for bigger or smaller implants. With the help of a plastic surgeon, women can decide if an exchange is an answer.

Why get a breast implant exchange?

Regardless of the size of the implant, some women consider a breast implant exchange for several reasons. Some may feel the current implant is too large or too small for the style, desires, or body frame. Others may need changes for a new lifestyle, as the implants may now be too big. Finally, in some cases, patients will need an exchange for medical reasons like a rupture, poor positioning, or capsular contracture.

Choosing bigger implants

Larger implants may be more in line with expectations from the first procedure as some patients tend to be more conservative. Patients may also want a different shape or move from one material to another. These changes are an opportunity to increase the size. The surgeon will discuss the reasons for the change, expectations, risks, and complications. The procedure is delicate but will be collaborative to achieve the best results possible. First, the surgeon carefully makes incisions along the previous scars to operate. Then, the implant is replaced with the larger one in the same capsule space for a natural look.

Changing to smaller implants

Smaller implants appeal to those who find the larger implants impact the quality of life. For instance, patients may have difficulties finding clothes or performing sporting activities. Others may have back, neck, or shoulder pain due to having larger breasts. Reducing implant size can be tricky. The surgeon must account for the changes in space and tissue that occurred with larger implants. Some surgeons may recommend moving the smaller implant behind the chest wall. Another option is to temporarily remove the implant to heal before adding the new material or to also get a breast lift.

Make the right choice

Patients should expect some downtime for recovery, like the first procedure. Breast tissue can change over time, making breast augmentation exchange more complex than the initial surgery. However, experienced cosmetic surgeons take the best action to meet the patient’s needs. Rest and recovery are essential since there will be pain and discomfort after the procedure. Going bigger or smaller can bring a new lease on life, restoring confidence or reducing unwanted side effects. Whatever the reason, a discussion with a surgeon can guide patients in the right direction.

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