Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Safe? | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Safe?

Brazilian butt lifts are quickly growing in popularity as body image views are shifting to favor a curvier silhouette. Women who want to plump up their derrière for a rounder backside are opting for the body contouring procedure. Brazilian butt lifts, offered at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, enhance the size and shape of the buttocks using the patient’s own fat to do so. Even though Brazilian butt lifts are growing in popularity, there’s still concern about whether or not the procedure is safe. If you’re considering having a Brazilian butt lift, read on to find out more about its safety.

Proper Surgical Technique Is Vital

In August 2018, a Task Force for Safety in Gluteal Fat Grafting, formed by several national plastic surgery societies, urged plastic surgeons to re-evaluate their BBL technique. The reason behind this warning was due to the risks associated when the procedure is not performed correctly. That fat being injected must be precisely placed into the buttocks so to prevent it from going too deep into the muscle tissue. If this were to happen, fat particles could potentially enter the bloodstream and travel to the heart or lungs forming a fat embolism.

This risk can easily be avoided by entrusting your Brazilian butt lift into the hands of a skilled and qualified plastic surgeon such as Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park. An expert plastic surgeon will know exactly how much fat to inject and wherein the buttocks to provide you with safe and aesthetically pleasing results.

Things To Watch Out For When Selecting A Surgeon

When selecting a surgeon to perform your Brazilian butt lift, do not hesitate to ask questions. Ask them about their training and their specific expertise. Not all surgeons have gluteal fat grafting experience. Make sure your surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon. This lets you know they have had extensive training in all aspects of plastic surgery. You should also be wary of where surgeries are performed. Fat grafting is complex and should be performed in a hospital or an accredited operating room. This improves your safety in that you will be surrounded by licensed professionals and specialized equipment.

You must remember, there are always risks associated with plastic surgery. That’s why you need to take the proper precautionary measures to eliminate whatever risks you can. A Brazilian butt lift can be safely performed and give you the lifted round bottom that you’re looking to achieve. To learn more about the safety of Brazilian butt lifts, contact John Park MD Plastic Surgery and schedule a consultation with Dr. Park. He’ll discuss all the risks and your options. Call (949) 777-6883.

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