Here’s Everything You CAN Do with a Breast Augmentation

Everything You CAN Do with a Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park

Here’s Everything You CAN Do with a Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation enhances breasts by inserting breast implants, and it’s one of the most popular surgeries at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. Adult women of all ages, shapes, and sizes are interested in finding out how their life might change for the better with a breast augmentation. There are different types of implants, such as saline and silicone, two different types of textures (smooth and textured), and even different shapes. Some women have their breast implants placed below the chest muscles while others prefer implants on top. Of course, the size of the breast implant is fully customizable, too.

You already know you’ll look your best after your breast augmentation, but some women worry that this popular plastic surgery will restrict them. Great news—that’s not the case. There’s a lot you can do after a breast augmentation surgery, including some perks you haven’t enjoyed in years. So, what are you waiting for? Check out this list of “can-do’s” for women with breast implants:

  • You can go without a bra. One of the most significant benefits for many women is the ability to have full, voluptuous, beautiful breasts without ever having to wear a bra again. Natural breasts without implants need support for comfort and to minimize the effects of gravity, but breast implants are perky without any help. If you look forward to taking off your bra the minute you get home or avoid wearing certain clothes because they don’t look good with a bra, breast augmentation provides incredible freedom and comfort.
  • You can workout however you prefer. Although there’s a recovery period after a breast augmentation procedure, once you’re healed (about six weeks for full recovery), you can get back to running, rowing, weight lifting, dancing, yoga, or any other workout that you love. There is one adjustment you’ll need to make, though. You’ll want to upgrade (and upsize) your sports bra after a breast augmentation, so get ready to treat yourself to a little shopping splurge.
  • Most women can sleep however they prefer. Getting breast augmentation takes a little adjustment, and it’s common for women to worry that they won’t be able to sleep on their tummies or side after surgery—but this isn’t true for most women. Breast implants are designed for resiliency. Talk with your doctor first (especially as you begin to heal), but in the majority of cases, you can definitely sleep in your most comfortable position.
  • You can rock confidence like never before. When you look at your best, you feel your best. Equally as important as the aesthetics of breast augmentation is how it makes women feel. Most women with breast implants say they feel more feminine, more attractive, and much more confident. That confidence spills over to every other aspect of your life, from professional aspirations to personal, intimate relationships.
  • You’ll still be able to nurse. The vast majority of women with breast implants can nurse children in the future. Women who haven’t had biological kids yet, or who haven’t finished, often think they need to put off breast augmentation until they are done having children—that isn’t true. Any healthy woman of any age, whether post-partum or not, might be a good candidate for breast augmentation.
  • You can still enjoy intimate play with your partner. Once your breast augmentation surgery has healed, you should sustain sensitivity in the breasts if you work with a trusted, reputable breast augmentation surgeon.
  • You can make the most of life without back pain. A heavy chest can undoubtedly be cause for back pain, but the best breast augmentation surgeons in Newport Beach ensure this won’t happen. Avoiding unnecessary discomfort and pain from heavy breasts can be achieved by choosing the right size of breast implant. Sometimes combining breast augmentation with a breast lift can help in decreasing discomfort. Breast augmentation should never be uncomfortable after a woman is fully healed.

If you’ve been thinking about breast augmentation, it’s time to start your journey. A complimentary consultation with Dr. Park is the first step, and in this completely no-pressure environment, you’ll have all your questions answered. Call John Park MD Plastic Surgery today at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your consultation in Newport Beach.

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