Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts

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Breast Augmentation for Asymmetrical Breasts

Nobody’s breasts are the same size and shape, but when the asymmetry is severe and affecting your self-esteem, breast augmentation can be a fantastic solution. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, you can achieve the beautiful and natural-looking breasts you want through breast implants and/or a breast lift. In some situations, women are born with breasts that are dramatically different in size or shape, which can make wearing bras and some clothes challenging. If you find yourself trying to “hide” in baggy clothes, avoid wearing swimsuits or being nude in front of others, or padding one cup to try to achieve symmetry, surgery can be life-changing.

Why you deserve beautiful breasts

A woman’s breasts are often considered foundational to her femininity. Every woman deserves beautiful breasts that suit her preferences and personality, and that are symmetrical enough to support her confidence. Unfortunately, sometimes genetics and life experiences lead to breasts that don’t “match.” Maybe you simply have more breast tissue in one breast, or perhaps a previous trauma such as surgery led to misshapen breasts. Don’t worry. Breast augmentation can give you the look you deserve.

There are some instances where a single breast implant can “align” breasts. Other times, a breast lift combined with breast implants can achieve symmetry. Every woman is different, which is why every breast augmentation is customized.

A lot of women are surprised to find out that they can return to many of their daily activities just two weeks after surgery. Plus, today’s breast implant incisions are easily hidden within the natural crease of the breasts, and in some cases are even inserted via the armpit. The result? Minimal scars and gorgeous, symmetrical breasts that give you the confidence to wear whatever you like.

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