Breast Augmentation And The Myths Surrounding It

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Breast Augmentation And The Myths Surrounding It

Perhaps you have been considering breast augmentation surgery. If so, it is likely that you’ve been speaking to friends and colleagues about it to get feed feedback and recommendations. And, more than likely those people are only spreading rumors that they have heard. So, no doubt you’ve listened to a lot of falsehoods. Let’s attempt to clear those up and make you comfortable and educated in the decision that you will be making. Here are some questions that may need to be answered truthfully:

Will My Implants Appear To Be Fake?

Achieving a natural look is easily accomplished with the many choices of breast implants available. Implant styles and shapes matching up to your body’s form and size will ultimately give you a natural look you are hoping for.

Will It Be Obvious That I Had Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation doesn’t always mean a huge change in your appearance. When implants are incredibly obvious, it is usually due to poor placement or using an implant that is too large for one’s body structure. If it is a natural look that you desire, you and your doctor will consider your height and weight and the natural shape of your breasts, and your results will be optimal.

Will There Be Visible Scars?

There are several different methods in which implants are placed, all of which, with the skill of an experienced plastic surgeon, leave minimal scarring. Typically, an incision is made just under the breast, in the natural crease, and is as inconspicuous as possible.

How Often Do Implants Need Replacement?

The most common cause of replacement of implants is the patient’s desire to change size. Although implants may not last a lifetime, there is no distinct timetable for replacement. Generally speaking, implants do not have to be replaced until and unless a problem develops with them.

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