4 Reasons Breast Augmentation is So Popular

4 Reasons Breast Augmentation is So Popular | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

4 Reasons Breast Augmentation is So Popular

Breast augmentation is continuously one of the top requested plastic surgery procedures at John Park MD Plastic Surgery. It’s even become somewhat of an international trend with more and more women electing to enhance their figure with breast implants. But what is it about breast augmentation that makes women so proactive and eager to alter their appearance?

1. High Satisfaction Rate

Over 90 percent of breast augmentation patients report a noticeable improvement in their self-esteem following surgery. That alone speaks volumes. Many women attribute femininity and sexiness to breasts so when they are finally able to achieve the breast appearance, they desire their self-image increases drastically. They instantly feel sexier and more confident. And a happy patient is more likely to rave about her results to friends, family, and acquaintances, as well as sharing how her breast augmentation was life-changing.

2. Safe and Fast Procedure

Breast implants are one of the most low-risk surgeries for Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park to perform. Over the years, breast implants have continued to improve in safety and design. They are made of biocompatible material and are completely safe for the body even in the case of an internal rupture. There has been no link to any major illnesses due to the presence of a breast implant inside the body. The actual surgical procedure is also considered low risk in that it takes one to two hours to perform and the patient is free to go home that day.

3. Personalized Options

No two patients have the same body so it would be ridiculous to think all women should opt for the same breast implants. Today, there are a wide variety of implants for patients to choose from: different sizes, shapes, and even textures. Women are truly able to customize their breast augmentation to fit the aesthetic profile they desire.

4. Long-lasting Results

While breast implants are not designed to last a lifetime, they are considered long-lasting and do not require touch-ups or maintenance. Routine screenings are recommended every couple of years, especially if you have silicone implants, to monitor for possible ruptures. Other than that, your implants should last for years without any problems and any hassle.

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