What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery | Dr. John Park

What to Expect During Breast Augmentation Recovery

John Park MD Plastic Surgery has performed many breast augmentations during his time as a board certified surgeon. And because of the excitement surrounding the surgery, sometimes patients can forget about the actual recovery time. Yes, choosing the perfect implant size and shape is important, but so is caring for yourself and having a safe an uneventful recovery. Let’s review the typical recovery process so you can ensure that everything is healing properly. Plus, it’s always a good idea to be mindful of what to expect during such a transformation.

Common Side Effects of Breast Augmentation

Because breast augmentation is a surgery, there are certainly a few expected side effects that may last a few days following the procedure. Common symptoms include:
• Swelling
• Pain
• Soreness
• Minor bleeding

Most of these symptoms subside after a few days but sometimes can last for a couple of weeks. It’s important to have someone with you during the first 24-hours following surgery to make sure that you are properly cared for.

Temporary Lifestyle Adjustments

Most people can return to work just a few days after surgery. However, sometimes people need a little more downtime from strenuous jobs. Keep in mind you should avoid lifting and exercise for a few weeks following surgery, and you will be required to wear a support bra during the initial recovery stage.

Of course, if you notice persistent, unbearable pain or excessive bleeding, then you should consult your doctor right away. Adequate rest, hydration and avoiding strenuous activity will ensure that you have the best recovery possible.

Other Tips for Recovery

Remember that your body needs care while it is on the mend. Try not to overexert yourself. Have patience with your body as you heal and reach out to friends and family that can help you during your most vulnerable time. Don’t hesitate to reach out your plastic surgeon if you have any questions or concerns as you heal.

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