Can Breast Augmentation Improve Breast Sag?

Can Breast Augmentation Improve Breast Sag? | Dr. John Park

Can Breast Augmentation Improve Breast Sag?

The aging process is not always kind to us, but rest assure it is perfectly normal for your body to change. And just like other areas of our body including our face that begin to show signs of aging over time, so do our breasts. The skin on your breasts is just like the skin on your face, susceptible to wrinkles and sagging. When you throw gravity into the mix, your breasts and skin can use a little attention and perk up. Many patients that come to see Newport Beach plastic surgeon Dr. John Park often question whether having breast augmentation will help improve their breasts that have begun to sag. There is more that goes into answering this question than just a simple yes or no. And here’s why.

Breast Implants Don’t Address Extra Skin

When breasts begin to sag, it is due to the breast skin becoming loose and stretched out. This can occur for various reasons including age, pregnancy and nursing, and extreme weight loss. Once the skin stretched, you can’t make it bounce back. Putting breast implants into sagging skin is only going to cause them to sag even more because of the added weight. However, if you just have slight sagging and it is due to volume loss, breast augmentation may be able to provide a slight lift in appearance. Your breasts will remain in the same position on your chest though; only you will have a fuller, perkier appearance, which in some cases is what the patient is looking for and needs.

Combine Breast Augmentation With A Breast Lift For A Perfect Appearance

Most of the time, if there is any degree of sagging or loose skin, it is ideal to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift. A breast lift removes any extra skin that has lost its elasticity. The breasts, as well as the nipples, are also lifted to a higher position on the chest creating a better breast profile. The remaining skin is pulled tight to eliminate any and all sagging. If the patient also wants an increase in volume, breast implants can be inserted to boost the size and overall breast appearance.

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