How Likely are Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation

Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Irvine

How Likely are Stretch Marks After Breast Augmentation

Simply said, stretch marks following breast augmentation surgery are extremely unlikely. But, there are factors that patients should be aware of that could affect the likelihood for stretch marks following a breast augmentation procedure. Generally speaking, stretch marks are not a complication a surgeon will be concerned with prior to breast augmentation surgery. However, it should be something he will assess with the patient. There are a few things a doctor will look for in the assessment.

Stretch Marks and Breast Augmentation

For the most part, stretch marks have a tendency to have hereditary factors attached to them. Stretch marks are caused by tiny tears in the deep layer of skin known as the dermis. When these tears occur, they cause a red or pink appearance or cause thinning of the overlying skin. In people who have a predisposition to stretch marks, the rapid expansion of skin with poor elasticity and weak skin strength is the main factor in developing them.

People with weak and thin skin will not tolerate large implants. This holds true also for people with strong, elastic skin. They are at risk not only for stretch marks, but also for skin stretching and drooping. For them, the less weight the skin has to support the more likely the breasts will not fall.

Ultimately, the risk for stretch marks is low. If a woman were to get them as a result of breast growth during pregnancy, the likelihood is good that she would get them with breast augmentation. Implant size and weight should always be considered when a woman has thinner and weaker skin.

To obtain the very best results in any breast augmentation, many factors need to be considered and weak thin skin is just one of them. Be sure that you have a surgeon that will consider all aspects of your breast augmentation, even the most unlikely scenarios need to be considered.

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