When Does Breast Augmentation Swelling Start to Slow?

Slowing Breast Augmentation Swelling | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

When Does Breast Augmentation Swelling Start to Slow?

You recently got a breast augmentation and things aren’t what you expected. Your breasts seem to be bigger than the size you asked for. Why are you not fitting into the C cup bras you just bought?

This is due to the postoperative swelling, which is normal and happens after every breast implant surgery. The swelling will last quite some time as your breasts get acclimated to the new implants. Learn more about the swelling that occurs post-surgery so you can be prepared for the changes that will happen next.

What to Know About Breast Implant Swelling

You may be disappointed to know that your new breast size won’t develop right away. Post-surgery, there will be soft tissue swelling and fluid around the implants. The amount of swelling will vary based on the type of implants and placement.

You’ll notice that your breasts are bigger following surgery, but they won’t stay at that size for long. If you asked for a C cup, for example, you might find that your breasts fill a D cup bra. As the swelling subsides, you could lose at least ¼ cup size.

At one week after surgery, you will likely experience swelling at its highest point. It should start to decrease after that. At 2–3 months following the surgery, the swelling should have gone away, and you should have a better idea of your bra size. Be patient during this time. Don’t go bra shopping until the swelling has completely gone away.

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