Breast Augmentation….With Or Without A Lift, That Is The Question

Breast Augmentation With Or Without Breast Lift | Dr. John Park

Breast Augmentation….With Or Without A Lift, That Is The Question

When women decide they want a breast augmentation procedure, it’s pretty much a done deal. They’ve been thinking about it for years and once they have decided, there’s no turning back. However, whether or not to have a breast lift done at the same time, remains a question in many patient’s minds.

Everyone’s situation and body type are different, so, it is for this reason that asking a few questions could help guide you to what the best option for you is.

Can You Get A Small Lift From An Implant Alone?

It certainly can give the illusion of fullness in the upper pole area, but again, individual situations and body types vary. For women whose nipples are above the level of the skin fold under the breast, just an implant may give the lift they desire. But, if the nipple is further down it may cause the nipple to look as though it is pointing downward with the implant hovering above it. If the surgeon next places the implant lower to match the nipple position, the whole breast hangs lower, defeating the purpose of the implant in the first place.

Happy With Your Breast Size In A Bra?

If so, then it is quite possible that a breast lift alone may be what you are looking for. A breast lift is essentially a skin tightening procedure known as a Mastopexy. There are a few scar choices to be made when it comes to a mastopexy (and will depend on your unique situation), the donut scar is the least visible and is done around the areola. Whenever a breast lift is done, it is always necessary to change the position of the areola.

What About Fullness In The Upper Pole?

In the beginning, breast lift has fullness in this upper pole area, but after a few months things begin to settle, swelling goes down and you may not be seeing that fullness. In this case, an implant would be placed under the muscle to give the fullness to the lifted breast.

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