Breast Implants And Breast Feeding…. Are They Compatible?

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Breast Implants And Breast Feeding…. Are They Compatible?

There have been so many scientific improvements in the makeup of the breast implant and the techniques involved in breast augmentation over the years. But one question remains in the minds of many women of childbearing years, and that is if breast implants will impede nursing any future babies they may have.

Breast Feeding and Breast Implants Discussion

It’s a reasonable concern and a good question, because in years gone by, nursing babies after breast augmentation was not always a given. There are a few considerations to be made even today, such as where the incision will be placed because, should the incision be placed across the nipple, it would be likely that the milk ducts would be cut and damaged, impeding milk flow.

The placement of the implants themselves can play a role in the ability to nurse as well. The decision is based on your anatomy, and there’s not a lot of choice in this. If the implants were placed below the muscle, they would be far less likely to interfere with breastfeeding.

Lastly, should your reason for breast augmentation be for increase in size, you are likely able to nurse post op. However, if the implants are correcting a malformation of the breasts, such as development too far apart, or undeveloped tissue, there is a concern that there could be an issue with glandular development, which would make nursing not viable.

These considerations are vitally important if you are considering breast implants in your future and you are considering having children.

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