What Is Involved In Adding Breast Implants To A Breast Lift Procedure?

Adding Breast Implants To A Breast Lift

What Is Involved In Adding Breast Implants To A Breast Lift Procedure?

It is extremely common for women who are undergoing a breast lift to opt for a breast augmentation. In fact, 95 % of women choose the combined surgery over having just the breast lift alone.

Gravity Is The Enemy – Breast Augmentation Or Breast Lift To The Rescue

Breasts sag – it’s a fact of life. Unfortunately, the skin declines in quality from its youthful, firm and elastic younger self. No longer able to resist the vigorous and steady downward pull of gravity, the breasts change. Large breasts once full and round; now hang heavy and low on the chest. Small breasts, once perky and tight, lay flat against the chest. Yes, the basic laws of gravity apply to everything, including breasts.

During pregnancy, the weight fluctuations play havoc with the breasts. When the breast tissue swells during pregnancy, the skin is stretched and expected to return to normal after the pregnancy is over. Well, as we all are only too aware, this just doesn’t happen. The breasts are comprised mostly of fat, weight gain obviously affects them, but the skin stretching is the big problem.

Nipple position also changes as time goes on. The youthful breasts nipple is located close to the center of the breast, with fullness both above and below. However, in an aging breast, the nipple may drop to a lower position on the breast, with most of the fullness or weight of the breast sitting below the nipple. Also known as mastopexy, a breast lift involves a surgical procedure that includes the removal of skin and/or tissue of the breast. The result is a tighter, firmer breast.

Incision Techniques In A Breast Lift

• Circumareolar, or Donut Incision

• Wise Pattern, or Anchor Incision

• Circumvertical, or Lollipop Incision

Incision placement must be decided largely by the surgeon with of course input by the patient.

Repositioning the nipple requires a circular incision around the breast. If a patient has very little loose skin, the surgeon may be able to remove just enough skin from a donut incision around the nipple, also known as a circumareolar incision. The majority of women who desire a breast lift will require more lift than a donut incision can provide.

The Wise Pattern Scar is when the nipple areola complex has a circular scar, there’s also a vertical scar that goes down to the inframammary fold, and then it includes a full inframammary fold scar as well.

During a circumvertical lift, also called a lollipop lift, the surgeon places a circular scar around the nipple and a vertical scar from the nipple to the fold. By avoiding the anchor incision in the fold under the breast,

A breast lift can tighten up the existing breast; however, it is not useful in rounding out the upper part of the breast. Should the patient be looking for a rounder shape to their breast and fullness restored to a flattened breast, a breast implant addition should be seriously considered. Without the implant, patients are usually not pleased with their results.

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