Breast Implants – Is There A “Perfect Size”?

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Breast Implants – Is There A “Perfect Size”?

When it comes to choosing a size for breast implants…one size definitely doesn’t fit all. Ultimately the right choice is the size that will make you feel, however you imagined you would feel, if your breasts were always the size you wanted. Kinda simple, right?

Of course there are measurements that need to be done, your body type and anatomy are a consideration and based on your doctor’s opinion of whether or not your expectations can be met. Showing your surgeon images of what you are considered to be the perfect breast size would be a good start for you both to be on the same page as far as your size expectations go. Usually the surgeon will consider the largest safe implant to be about 1 cm less than the diameter of the breast.

If you want to look natural, listening to your surgeon’s advice is a smart way to go. He/She has quite possibly done hundreds if not thousands of breast augmentations, and although everyone has a “goal” in mind, it is the surgeons who see the reactions in the end. So, based on their experience they will be the person to listen to.

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If you insist on a breast augmentation size that the surgeon considers “out of the realm” of what he feels is safe and appropriate, it is quite likely that you will be turned away. Safety factors into the size decision and that is, and will always will be, the number one priority of a highly qualified, board certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. John Park. Consult with your surgeon with pictures in hand and go with reasonable expectations. And remember….one size doesn’t fit all.

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