Breast Implants: Over the Muscle vs. Under the Muscle

Breast Implants: Over vs Under the Muscle | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Breast Implants: Over the Muscle vs. Under the Muscle

There are many factors to consider when opting for breast implants, including placement. John Park MD Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach customizes every breast implant procedure so patients get the look and feel they want. Choosing to place the breast implant over the muscle or under the muscle is a decision you’ll make in collaboration with your doctor. Both placement types are safe, but you might prefer (or be a better fit) for a specific placement.

Breast Implant Placement Options

The chest includes the pectoralis major muscle, which is big and fan-shaped. Patients who get under the muscle breast implants have the muscle detached at the bottom (near the ribs) so the breast implant can be placed underneath it. This results in about half of the implant getting covered by the muscle (the bigger the breast implant, the less it gets covered). With these types of implants, the majority are placed on top of the smaller pectoralis minor muscle. In contrast, an over the muscle breast implant is placed on top of all chest muscles, including the pectoralis major.

There are benefits to both over the muscle and under the muscle placements. When breast implants are placed under the muscle, breasts look ultra-smooth. Plus, for women with lower body fat, placement under the muscle can result in a more natural look. Skin in this area can be very thin, and you need muscle or perhaps some fat on top of the implant to make it look organic.

Women with moderate existing breast tissue might be good candidates for an over the muscle implant. This usually calls for at least a B cup. Having enough breast tissue or “good fat” in the chest makes you a good candidate for over the muscle placement, which comes with a shorter recovery period.

The first step in choosing the placement of breast implants is to schedule your complimentary consultation. Learn more about placement, breast implant material options, sizes, and more when you call John Park MD Plastic Surgery at (949) 777-6883 to schedule your appointment.

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