Breast Implants for Your Post-Vaccine Debut

Breast Implants for Your Post-Vaccine Debut | Dr. John Park

Breast Implants for Your Post-Vaccine Debut

It’s been one year since COVID changed our lives forever, and in that one year there was a huge boom in plastic surgery requests at John Park MD Plastic Surgery and around the country. It makes sense. Never before have we had such an unprecedented time in which it was encouraged by governments to opt out of seeing people, cancel vacations, and for so many companies to encourage working from home. A lot of people have long been thinking about getting breast implants but simply never had the time for it—until now. However, you’re running out of time if you want to treat yourself to the plastic surgery you’ve always wanted while also enjoying the ultimate excuse to recover from the comfort of your home without any outside demands.

On average, it takes about six weeks for patients to feel “back to a new normal” after their procedure. However, many patients return to sedentary activities, including working from their laptop at home, just one week after their surgery. Your unique recovery timeline will depend on numerous factors, including breast implant placement, and will be discussed in depth during your complimentary consultation. The majority of women are very pleasantly surprised at just how short the downtime is post-augmentation.

What You Need to Know

As more and more people become eligible for the vaccine, we can expect the world to slowly start to open back up. It’s understandable that you’re eager to see friends and family, go on a vacation, and maybe even go back to your physical place of employment! Excitement is in the air, but many people are also starting to seriously consider how they want to make their post-vaccine debut. You deserve to make a serious splash with total beauty and confidence.

Breast augmentation, or enhancing the breasts via breast implants, is usually a procedure that women opt for only after considering it for a long time. It is the only way to permanently enhance the shape and volume of the breasts, rejuvenating the chest and achieving the look you’ve always desired. There are so many options when it comes to customizing breast implants that you’re in total control, able to choose the exact aesthetic you’d like. Just keep in mind that the skill of the surgeon is just as important as making sure you’ve selected all of the breast implant parameters necessary to get that perfect look.

Why Breast Augmentation is One of the Most Popular COVID Surgeries

Plastic surgery procedures overall have skyrocketed since the pandemic began. However, if you’re like a lot of people, you’re sitting on a lot of Zoom calls. Facial plastic surgery is often easy to hide behind that mask, but you can’t hide facial surgery while on Zoom. Breast augmentation is inherently easy to hide if you have a lot of video calls scheduled. This allows patients to recover in comfort and without having to cancel all of their work and social “calls” after their surgery. Anything below the neck makes for a fantastic COVID-19 pandemic surgery pick.

Some women are happy to share their surgery adventure with others, while some like to keep it more discreet. No matter which end of the spectrum you fall on, the COVID-19 pandemic makes it possible for you to design your plastic surgery journey exactly to your liking. If you book your complimentary consultation right now, you’ll be able to undergo your breast augmentation and fully heal just in time for the summer months—and, hopefully, your post-vaccine debut.

Breast Augmentation Matters

Any cosmetic surgery is a big deal, and you deserve to only work with the best surgeon who specializes in this procedure. This starts with a complimentary consultation where you will get all of your questions answered and where you can even explore some authentic breast implants to get a real “feel” for what’s in store. It’s also important to remember that you can always change your breast implants in the future if your preferences and aesthetic preferences change.

Although breast implants are designed to last a lifetime, most women change their breast implants every 10 – 15 years, perhaps opting for a different size, shape, placement, or material. Most of the time, the original incisions can be used if you do decide to change up your look in the future, which means no new incisions are needed for that brand-new look you’re after! To learn more about breast implants at John Park MD Plastic Surgery, complete the online form now or call (949) 777-6883.

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