Combining A Breast Lift With A Breast Augmentation

Combining A Breast Lift With A Breast Augmentation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Combining A Breast Lift With A Breast Augmentation

So you’ve been thinking about a breast surgery for years. Maybe you want increased volume and yet have some degree of ptosis that you’d like corrected. In that case, a breast lift with augmentation might be an ideal surgery for you! Let’s check out this amazing procedure and how it combines the best of both worlds for many women.

How To Know If You Have Breast Ptosis

The determination if you need a breast lift is partially done by looking at the position of the nipples relative to the inframammary crease. If your nipples are too low, perhaps 1 inch or more, you’d benefit from a breast lift of some kind to restore a higher position on the chest wall.

Another factor is the quality of skin and volume desired. Some women have a breast lift and have new volume by merely repositioning the breasts. Other women do not have the amount of quality tissue, and while the position of the nipples is higher with a lift alone, breast implants will be needed to add projection in the upper pole area.

Schedule a consultation with a board certified surgeon, and you’ll together discuss goals, expectations, and what is realistic for your body. Your surgeon will examine the skin and nipple position to determine whether a breast augmentation would be beneficial or if you’d be better served with a breast lift.

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