Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Combos For Busy Individuals

Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Combos For Busy Individuals | Dr. John Park

Breast Lift Breast Augmentation Combos For Busy Individuals

Most people want to age gracefully, and one way to make sure of it is with combination surgeries, such as the mommy makeover, involving procedures combined, such as a tummy tuck, breast augmentation and / or breast lift.

After a woman has finished having her children, she may be thinking about returning to the workforce or beginning a new career altogether. Why not do so with the highest self-esteem you can muster.

Busy Lives Makes Combining Tummy Tucks, Breast Augmentations And Breast Lifts A Must

People are indeed busy and time off from a career, or a young family can be next to impossible to achieve. For the person who works and has an active career, it’s very difficult to take time off to recover from surgery. Similarly, for the parent who has urgent responsibilities with their children, there’s really only a fixed period that they can devote to themselves.

If a patient decides to undergo the risks of going under anesthesia, they wonder then, why not do as much as possible? It’s a reasonable question, and more and more people are asking that same question.

The most common combination of procedures usually involve some type of body contouring with breast surgery,” says Lickstein. “That makes sense when we think about it because most people want to look better throughout their whole trunk.”

Plastic surgeons often think of harmony in an area of a body and will it match or not match. Very frequently the patient who has a tummy tuck done who is thrilled with their abdominal contour then notices their breasts. Similarly, the patient who has breast surgery will then suddenly notice their abdomen, so they do fit together.

Breast Lift / Breast Augmentation Combination Procedures Make Sense

One thing, such as a breast lift, may lead to another, such as breast implants. The best news is that patients have never had so many great options to revive their youth through plastic surgery. Technologies and expertise have created an environment where the best results in the history of the specialty happen on a daily basis. Board certified surgeons can achieve combination procedures, but safety is always and should always be their foremost concern.

Perhaps you find yourself daydreaming about the possibility of a procure combining a tummy tuck with breast augmentation. The very first step, as well as the most important one, is choosing your board certified plastic surgeon.

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