Breast Reduction vs Breast Revision: Are These Procedures The Same?


Breast Reduction vs Breast Revision: Are These Procedures The Same?

Not All Surgery Is The Same

When most people are polled about plastic surgery for the breasts, the first image that comes to mind is implants. However, enhancing the size or shape of the breast with implants isn’t the only option for a woman considering a cosmetic procedure. Other popular surgeries include breast reduction and breast revision. While the names might sound similar, the processes are slightly different and yield different results.

Breast reduction

Unlike breast augmentation, breast reduction takes away volume. With augmentation, a patient’s ultimate goal is to correct asymmetry, decrease the size or volume, or somehow alter the shape of the breast. While underlying medical conditions can often contribute to a woman needing augmentation, the process is purely elective for many individuals. By contrast, many people undergo breast reduction because the breasts are large enough to create neck and back pain and other discomforts. Just as some women opt for implants to improve the profile, other individuals want a reduction for the same reason.

Breast revisions

While a breast revision can be administered for the same reason as a reduction, in most cases, the procedure is requested to correct a previous augmentation surgery. Sometimes the implants will be replaced with a different material or swapped out because the original models are older or leaking. Additionally, the implant may have shifted, creating asymmetry in the profile. Finally, some women may decide to increase or reduce the size or even change the shape of the implant.

Simultaneous surgery

Breast reduction and revision can occur at the same time. For example, a woman can decide to change breast implants while also removing some breast tissue or even sagging skin during the same surgical procedure. In many ways, combining the procedures can minimize the recovery period since a person doesn’t have to undergo 2 separate operations.

Deciding on the best procedure

Ultimately, plastic surgery is a personal decision. Determining the right procedure depends on a person’s body type, overall goals, and the capabilities of the practicing surgeon. Likewise, other considerations, such as what implant material, size, and shape to use, will influence the final results after a woman heals. While both breast revisions and reductions are designed to improve the body’s profile and a person’s quality of life, the procedures offer different benefits. Consider speaking with a board-certified plastic surgeon to make a proper determination about the best type of surgery.

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