Can A Plastic Surgeon Make You Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity?

john park plastic surgery Can A Plastic Surgeon Make You Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity

Can A Plastic Surgeon Make You Look Like Your Favorite Celebrity?

Mission Impossible: Plastic Surgery To Look Like A Celebrity

Can a person get plastic surgery to look like a celebrity? Many patients may come ready for a cosmetic surgery consultation with a favorite celebrity picture. Even if a patient doesn’t mention a celebrity, the patient may already have a few features in mind based on someone else as inspiration. Cosmetic surgery can only do so much. Surgeons can capture the essence of a celebrity, but certain qualities cannot be replicated in most cases.

Is it possible to like someone else?

Cosmetic surgeons do not commonly get requests to turn a patient into a celebrity’s doppelganger. Plastic surgery can only alter the soft tissues and the skin to build off the patient’s natural contours. Bone structure determines the body and face shape and are more difficult or impossible to change. In addition, a complete facial reconstruction carries higher risks and complications.

Most requested celebrity features

Similar to getting a haircut, many people bring in an image of a celebrity for inspiration to the surgery consultation. Many patients flock to similar high-profile celebrities for specific facial features and body modifications. Cosmetic surgeons do not usually encounter patients that want a complete transformation into a celebrity. Some of the most requested celebrity features and procedures are Kim Kardashian: butt lift, Angelina Jolie: lip injections and Kate Middleton: rhinoplasty

A case of buyer’s remorse

Some instances of plastic surgery to look like a celebrity do not produce the desired results. In some cases, additional surgeries are requested by the patient in search of an impossible look. Being in the right frame of mind is critical to consider the long-term consequences of the transformation fully. A consultation with a trusted cosmetic surgeon can help.

Are you a good candidate for celebrity plastic surgery?

The desire to look like a celebrity can border on obsession. After thousands of consultations, cosmetic surgeons can determine if a patient suffers from body dysmorphic disorder or is not in the right frame of mind for the procedure. Surgeons can usually distinguish between obsessive patients and those with legitimate medical concerns or aesthetic desires.

Becoming a better you

For most cosmetic surgeons, an inspiring picture can be helpful, but the ultimate goal is to bring out the best of the patient’s body and face without trying to emulate an impossible ideal. Cosmetic surgeons can determine if a specific feature is suitable for a patient’s face or body.

Consult a board-certified plastic surgeon

Speak to an experienced surgeon to determine the best course of action. An experienced cosmetic surgeon can answer all of a patient’s questions and create a realistic goal based on a person’s particular body and face.

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