Can Breast Implants Restore Volume Lost During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding?

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Can Breast Implants Restore Volume Lost During Pregnancy Or Breastfeeding?

Restoring Tissue Volume With Breast Implants

From sleep schedules and nursing to hormones and healthy habits, motherhood brings many blessings and challenges. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, women often experience a notable loss of breast volume. Many women choose to have breast augmentation to correct symmetry and improve self-confidence. Choosing the right type of implant can restore or enhance a woman’s natural profile before childbirth.

When it comes to pregnancy

Age is less of a factor than plans for pregnancy and nursing. Some women with breast implants before pregnancy may experience difficulty breastfeeding, but typically that is not the case. For the majority of patients, breastfeeding is possible after an augmentation. In cases of women finished with the process of childbearing, the inability to nurse is no longer a consideration. After children, some women experience drooping tissue, often combined with a lack of elasticity in breast tissue. Correcting depleted tissue is often as simple as breast implants. In cases of moderate to severe sagging, numerous healthcare practitioners recommend a breast lift procedure in addition to an augmentation. Lifts help correct sagging breasts by lifting and shaping the tissue before inserting implants.

What are the risks?

Complications, including but not limited to breast pain, delayed wound healing and inflammation, occur in approximately 1% of cases. Although relatively rare across breast augmentation operations, each patient should build in time to discuss health history with the selected cosmetic surgeon. A successful breast augmentation operation hinges on patient compliance and proactivity like other surgical procedures. Factors such as limiting tobacco use, maintaining a healthy diet, and regularly exercising further lower the risk of potential complications.

Moving forward with bodily confidence

Motherhood marks a new stage in life, among many other changes. In some instances after childbearing, women seek to restore breast tissue loss during pregnancy or nursing. Some plastic surgeons suggest breast augmentations to achieve symmetry and an enhanced appearance. Saline or silicone implants help increase and balance chest size, providing patients with a renewed sense of body comfortability.

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