Can I Prevent Rippling After Breast Surgery? 3 Reasons To Choose Gummy Bear Implants

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Can I Prevent Rippling After Breast Surgery? 3 Reasons To Choose Gummy Bear Implants

An Unwanted Ripple In The Breast

Breast implant rippling can be visible to the naked eye or only felt by the patient. Visible implant rippling shows the edges of the implant under the skin. Usually, the edges are the folds and wrinkles on the implant. Rippling can be seen by the person’s armpit or when the person bends over. Breast implant rippling is a common breast augmentation complication. Silicone implants are less likely to result in this outcome and may be preferred.

What causes rippling?

Several factors can cause breast implant rippling. The most significant risk factor is a lack of breast tissue on the patient before surgery. This means the implant has to rest closer to the skin, and the edges may become visible. Another factor is implant placement. Implants placed over the muscle are closer to the skin, which may lead to rippling. Implant type and size can also cause rippling. Saline implants are not as firm as silicone, and large implants are prone to rippling.

Smoothing out the breast

The good news is that if breast implant rippling occurs, the complication can be fixed. Doctors can perform revision surgery, replacing larger implants with smaller ones or using silicone instead of saline to reduce the risk of recurrence. Doctors can also place the new implants under the muscle to lessen the chances of rippling. Surgeons may also perform fat grafting on the breast or use scaffolding to reinforce breast tissue.

Avoiding rippling initially

Women wanting to lessen the chances of rippling should opt for silicone-based implants. These implants are made from a silicone gel instead of liquid. Gummy bear implants is a colloquial term that refers to gel implants that are form-stable and highly cohesive. Here are 3 reasons a patient should choose gummy bear implants to prevent rippling.

1. Retain shape with pre-filled implants

Gummy bear implants are pre-filled and form-stable, which means the implant retains shape without the implant shell. Saline implants can be over or underfilled, which leads to rippling. The saline solution in saline implants can also leak out, destroying the implant and deflating the breast. The risk of gummy bear or silicone implants leaking is relatively low.

2. No crying with a teardrop shape

Round silicone and saline implants often cause rippling due to the spherical shape. With teardrop gummy bear implants, the implant is thick and dense. The teardrop shape gives a natural hang to the breast, so the implant rests comfortably in the pocket. Selecting a saline teardrop implant lowers the risk of rippling, keeping patients happier for longer.

3. Safe for people with minimal breast tissue

Gummy bear implants are popular choices for patients undergoing breast reconstruction surgery. Women who are naturally thin or have small breasts can also benefit from selecting a silicone implant. Due to the textured shell of the implant, the tissue that grows around the breast forms to the implant like a second skin. This reduces the chances of capsular contracture, a complication that causes unusually thick tissue to develop around the implant. Furthermore, the shape of the implant means the surgeon doesn’t have to worry about working around the patient’s current breast tissue.

Tackling rippling with a surgeon

Patients interested in learning more about the risk of breast implant rippling should speak to a board-certified plastic surgeon. The doctor will be able to explain the differences between implants and techniques that lessen the risk of rippling. Patients already experiencing rippling complications can discuss revision surgery and techniques with the surgeon. Smooth breasts are possible with the right surgical approach.

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