Can Your Surgeon Fix A Double Bubble Breast Implant Deformity?

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Can Your Surgeon Fix A Double Bubble Breast Implant Deformity?

Double Bubble Trouble

Breast augmentation is a widely accepted procedure to increase breast size, create a more extensive profile, and boost self-confidence. On average, doctors perform over 300,000 breast augmentations yearly. While the procedure has high success and satisfaction rates, there is always the chance of complications. A breast implant deformity known as a double bubble is a common issue. Double bubbles happen when the implant drops slightly to where the chest muscle and lower breast meet. This movement causes an indentation at the bottom of the breast, creating an additional lump. This deformity requires patients to revisit the surgeon for help.

Identifying a bubble deformity

A double bubble will result in an additional lump or indentation at the bottom of the breast. This deformity is obvious when the arms are lifted above the head. Over time, the crease can become more extensive, giving the appearance of 2 breasts. The condition is common with submuscular implants. The implant may have been too high or too large for the patient’s body. The patient may have also had a more constricted lower breast than initially thought. Other reasons for double bubbles include capsular contracture, weight changes, pregnancy, or tubular breasts.

Can your surgeon help?

Anyone with signs of a double bubble should seek immediate help. First, the surgeon will examine the breast and inform the patient of the necessary action. In some mild cases, the surgeon will take a wait-and-see approach. Implants can take time to settle into a more natural position. Within a few months, the implant should settle, and the indentation may disappear. However, if there is no improvement or the issues worsen, the next step is revision surgery. The surgery often involves using the same incisions to adjust or replace the implants.

Revising an implant

The surgeon can take different approaches to improve the double bubble issue. For instance, some patients will benefit from smaller implants. Others may need to move from a submuscular to a subglandular implant. Some patients may also require a breast lift or mastopexy. With mastopexy, the surgeon will adjust the tissue and any excess skin. There’s no single solution for all patients. The surgeon will make the final choice, combining multiple strategies to correct the issue.

Enjoy your new breasts

A double bubble and other breast implant deformities can feel unattractive, lower satisfaction rates, and hamper self-esteem. Anyone who notices the signs should seek help from a surgeon. The surgeon can fix the implant, using different techniques to create a single, full breast. The best way to prevent a double bubble in the first place is to choose the right implant size and method.

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