Cardi B Offers Up a Bonus to Breast Implant Benefits

Cardi B Offers Up Breast Implant Benefits | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach

Cardi B Offers Up a Bonus to Breast Implant Benefits

Most women opt for breast implants because they want to look and feel their best—but Cardi B isn’t your typical woman. At John Park MD Plastic Surgery, breast implants have always been one of the most popular procedures, but now there are even more reasons to consider this procedure. According to Cardi B, her breast implants do a lot more than look amazing. She posted on Instagram (in a sheer black top to show off her new look, of course) that her breast implants double as a life-saving device. “I can’t swim so I bought these [breasts] so I can float,” she joked.

Boost of Confidence

Spoiler alert: breast implants don’t actually work as a water flotation device. However, they do make you look even more incredible in your swimsuit. Cardi B has always been very open about her surgeries, talking to Entertainment Tonight last May about choosing breast augmentation revision after giving birth to her daughter, Kulture. The rapper had breast implants prior to her pregnancy, but she explained that “I feel good, but then sometimes I feel like not, you know … when your skin is stretched out.”

Breast augmentation can both increase the volume of the breasts as well as improve the shape. Sometimes this includes the removal of excess skin, which often occurs with pregnancy or weight fluctuations. For Cardi B, she might joke about her breast implants, but she also takes the procedure seriously. Also in May, she canceled some shows so she could fully heal from the surgery. Following her surgeon’s advice is what helped her achieve optimal results.

She considers her job as an entertainer a 24/7 career, and when it comes to achieving body goals the natural way (through diet and exercise), Cardi B is realistic. “I wanted specific things,” she explained. “I know that no matter how much I work out, [my breasts] aren’t going to lift themselves!”

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While no plastic surgeon can give you a permanent flotation device (not that anyone needs it), you can follow in Cardi B’s footsteps and reclaim or enhance your breasts with an augmentation. To schedule your complimentary consultation with John Park MD Plastic Surgery, call (949) 777-6883 today.

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