Considerations Before You Change Your Breast Size

Changing Your Breast Size | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach, CA

Considerations Before You Change Your Breast Size

You’ve probably been giving it a lot of thought for a very long time….maybe you think you’d like to go up or down a breast size or two and get a breast augmentation or perhaps a breast reduction. Maybe you’d like to see a curvier physique or relieve the pressure of oversized breasts. It sounds pretty wonderful, I know…but just like most things in life, you need to be informed and have reasonable expectations before moving forward.

A few very important things to think about before breast augmentation

1. There are different types of breast implants

A few years ago, saline was the most popular type of breast implant because of fear of the controversy regarding silicone implants. Those fears have been relieved, as silicone implant research has deemed them perfectly safe. Today most women choose silicone over saline because they feel silicone has a more natural look and feel.

Which type of implant you decide on is a decision made with your surgeon and will be based on your anatomy and expectations.

2. Implants do not last forever

Generally speaking, implants last between 10 and 15 years. So, depending on the age you have surgery, you may be looking at a few surgeries in your lifetime. Definitely a point to consider.

3. Breast reduction….one and done

How long a breast reduction lasts depends on your breasts. There are three types of breast tissue: fatty, fibrous and glandular and for most women, developing fibrous or glandular tissue after surgery is highly improbable. So, a breast reduction surgery is likely to last a lifetime.

4. There are different techniques in implant placement

The surgeon will choose, with your input and anatomy type, the correct technique for you. He will make the incision and insert the implant in one of three places:

  • Around the nipple
  • Under the arm
  • In the crease of your breast

The technique will depend on the type of implant you choose, your anatomy along with your personal preference.

5. Choose wisely

Ultimately, the results achieved and your level of satisfaction will be directly related to the physician you choose. Find a board certified plastic surgeon that has experience and is highly regarded in the community. It is not unique for women to “interview” the doctor during your consultation. Find out if you will work well together in this collaboration.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Consultation | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach, CA

Breast augmentation is not a surgery to be considered lightly. Do your research, talk with people and be aware of your expectations and relay them to your doctor adequately. All this combines to allow you to have a good experience and ultimately the great results you are counting on. Dr. John Park can help you decide if you’re an ideal candidate – (949) 777-6883.

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