Common Breast Lift Myths

Common Breast Lift Myths | Dr. John Park, Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon

Common Breast Lift Myths

Are you considering a breast lift but not sure if the information you have heard and read is accurate? It’s always a great idea for patients to educate themselves on the plastic surgery procedures they are considering, but it can be difficult deciphering all that medical jargon and information. That’s why we have busted the top myths about breast lifts and provided you with the facts to set the record straight.

Myth #1: Breast lift results are permanent

While a breast lift can produce long-lasting enhancing results, your breasts are still subject to the aging process. Aging and gravity, regardless if you have had a breast lift or not, will still affect your breasts over time. Other factors, such as future pregnancies, breastfeeding, and unexpected weight gain can also alter your breast lift results.

Myth #2: Breast lift can enhance my bra size

Once lifted, your breasts may appear to be bigger; however, without breast implants, your total breast volume will not change. In some cases, your breast size may even decrease. A breast lift is designed to reposition and reshape the breasts. This may include removing excess skin and tissue. A breast lift can produce beautiful, voluptuous breasts, but if you want a fuller bustline, consider combining your breast lift with augmentation.

Myth #3: Exercise will prevent breasts from sagging

It’s important to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately, it won’t prevent the need for a possible breast lift. Toning the pectoral muscles can help correct a slight degree of sagging; however, over time the loss of elasticity in your skin will become too much to correct naturally.

Myth #4: Breast lift leaves extensive scarring

All surgical procedures leave scars. However, when performed by a highly skilled board-certified plastic surgeon such as Dr. John Park, the scars from a breast lift can be minimized through various surgical techniques and by placing the incisions in well-hidden creases of the breasts, thus hiding them from view. Your post-op care will also play a role in how visible your scars are and how well they heal. But overall, you will not have to worry about being self-conscious due to scarring.

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