Do Breast Augmentations Last A Lifetime? 3 Reasons For Implant Revision Surgery

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Do Breast Augmentations Last A Lifetime? 3 Reasons For Implant Revision Surgery

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants are a fantastic way to improve breast size and instill more confidence. The procedure uses saline or silicone inserts to create fuller, larger breasts. After a short recovery period, women will enjoy the many benefits of augmentation. However, breast implants are not meant to last a lifetime. When the surgery is performed well, implants should last between 10-20 years. In some instances, a patient may need implant revision surgery sooner.

Understanding implant revision surgery

Implant revision surgery is a surgical procedure to adjust, remove, or change a previous breast augmentation. A consultation will happen beforehand, and the patient will discuss any concerns and desired outcomes. From there, the patient and doctor will decide on the best course of action. The surgeon will most likely access the implant through the previous incision site. Then, the implant will be replaced and adjusted. In some cases, a breast lift occurs along with revision surgery to provide more cleavage and to fight the signs of aging. Like breast augmentation, revision surgery requires 2-4 weeks of recovery time. Here are 3 reasons a patient may need revision surgery.

1. Capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is a common complication of breast augmentation. The implant is placed in a pocket of space around the breast tissue. This space is either behind the pectoralis minor wall or on top of the wall. Over time, the surrounding tissue creates a capsule that holds the implant in place. This is not necessarily a bad thing. However, there are times when scar tissue forms, squeezing the implant. This change can be painful and uncomfortable for the patient. Revision surgery can address capsular contracture, so the patient can continue to enjoy the implants without pain.

2. Swap your size

Over the years, physical preferences can change. For example, some women now want bigger or smaller implants to reflect a new stage in life. Some may have lost or gained weight and feel the implants are no longer proportionate to the rest of the body. Others may want to change from a round implant to a more natural-looking teardrop shape. No matter the reason, revision surgery can address any physical changes desired.

3. An implant malfunction

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure, and complications are always possible. Sometimes implants may rupture or cause ripples on the underside of the breast. In other cases, the implants may shift out of place, creating an unnatural or unpleasant look. Revision surgery can help by adjusting the position of the implant, changing the pocket, or swapping the implant altogether.

Keep enjoying your implants

Women can enjoy implants for years, but the procedure is not meant to be permanent. The surgeon will recommend follow-up visits throughout the implant’s lifespan to monitor overall satisfaction. These consultations can help patients continue to enjoy the benefits of the implant and address any issues. Implant revision surgery is one of the best ways to ensure the benefits of an augmentation continue.

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