Do Breast Implants Leak? What To Do In The Event Of A Defect After Augmentation

john park plastic surgery Do Breast Implants Leak What To Do In The Event Of A Defect After Augmentation

Do Breast Implants Leak? What To Do In The Event Of A Defect After Augmentation

Can Breast Implants Leak?

Breast augmentation can give women a more desirable bust and boost confidence. However, implants are not meant to last an entire lifetime, and most can last about 15 years. After that, however, the chances of a tear or rupture increase yearly. Implant rupture is one possible consequence immediately after surgery, which can happen and present in various ways. There are signs, symptoms, and action steps to fix the issue when breast implants leak.

Signs of a saline rupture

Most implants consist of a shell that holds either saline or silicone gel. A change in shape and size is quickly noticeable in a saline implant rupture. The saline leaks out of the silicone shell into the breast. Saline is non-toxic and can be absorbed into the body without threatening the patient. Minor lumps and ripples can also become visible as the implant deflates and absorbs the saline. Some women experience breast tenderness, pain, looseness of tissue, and some discomfort.

Signs of silicon rupture

With silicone ruptures, the breast size does not change quickly. In some cases, the shape is unchanged, and the break goes unnoticed. Silicone is a thick gel that cannot be absorbed in the body, and these leaks are typically known as silent ruptures. After some time, a silicone rupture can cause the body to develop scar tissue around the silicone, called capsular contracture. The leak also causes hard knots, lumps, or firmness in the breasts. Over time, the rupture causes similar pain, tenderness, and a range of uncomfortable symptoms called breast implant illness.

Corrective surgery for ruptures

If patients notice these changes, see a doctor immediately. Doctors recommend all women with implants have an MRI every 3 years to rule out leaks. If there is a suspected leak, the doctor will request an immediate MRI. In most cases, the surgeon will remove both implants and leaked material even if only one is defective. A patient can opt for new implants during the same procedure. In addition, the surgeon can recommend a switch in the type of implant. Because the space for the implants is present, recovery from implant replacement is faster than the initial augmentation, although, with any surgery, recovery is highly individualized.

Breast implant screening

Many breast augmentation recipients choose to have them removed between the 10 to 20-year mark of the surgery. At this point, the chances of a tear, break, or complication increases significantly. But as every patient is different, the lifespan of an individual’s implants depends on the body and implant care. Keep in mind that breast implants aren’t guaranteed to last a lifetime. Women should perform self-checks yearly, look for symptoms, and speak with a doctor immediately.

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