Do Women Who Bench Press Have Better Results For Breast Implant Surgery?

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Do Women Who Bench Press Have Better Results For Breast Implant Surgery?

Which Implants Are Best For Weightlifters?

Across the United States of America, an estimated 313,000 breast augmentation surgeries are performed per year. Making up over 17% of plastic surgery procedures worldwide, breast implant operations are one of the most common cosmetic surgical procedures in the US and around the globe. As the popularity of silicone implants continues to rise, many patients in the fitness community have started to explore breast augmentation procedures to highlight physical results. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to the success of breast implants, but what’s the best way to prepare for surgery? Regularly working out the chest muscles before surgery can help patients heal faster with less pain. Before determining the type of breast implants needed, plastic surgeons will have a consultation to discuss family history, activity level, and personal tolerance.

Do you even lift, bro?

Breast implants generally come in 2 types, under the muscle and over the muscle. For women with large, strong chest muscles, doctors often suggest an over the muscle, or subglandular placement. Since pectoral muscles remain intact, over the muscle implants heal faster, often with lower pain levels. For women who lift, sub-glandular placements lower the likelihood of the silicon shifting or distorting by covering the implant with natural breast tissue. Placements above the muscle work most effectively for patients with plenty of breast tissue seeking out a moderate, natural-looking improvement. Dedicated weightlifters often look for subglandular implants, since the implants adjust easily to pectoral growth.

History matters

While subglandular implants are an effective solution for many weightlifters, exploring family history before pursuing any implant is key to avoiding potential complications. Since silicone implants often hinder the view of traditional mammograms, over the muscle implants can raise the risk of cancer going undetected. As a result, patients at high risk for breast cancer consider saline under muscle implants.

Listening to your body

Breast implant surgery can improve self-esteem and confidence, but the overall outcomes rely on the individual patient. For serious weightlifters, subglandular implants can help improve breast appearance while avoiding distortion. Conversely, a notable family history of breast cancer prioritizes the urgent need for clear mammograms, making submuscular implants a safer choice. After considering key risk factors, patients must determine the best implants from a personal health perspective.

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