Do You Need Breast Revision Surgery? 3 Types Of Implant Malposition

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Do You Need Breast Revision Surgery? 3 Types Of Implant Malposition

Implants Out Of Place?

What makes breast implants so appealing is the high success and satisfaction rates. Studies show that over 90% of patients have enjoyed the results for years. However, despite the popularity and success, there is a change of complications that require revision surgery. A common issue is implant malposition, where the surgeon places the implant in the wrong place. Different factors can make the implant shift too far down, left, or right. The patient may notice 1 of 3 implant malposition conditions.

1. Double bubble trouble

A common form of breast implant deformity is a double bubble. This issue happens when the implant shifts downward slightly, past the point where the breast and chest muscle meet. The breast tissue laps over the implant, creating a double bubble. The breast looks like one set on top of the other and has also been called a double fold. A double bubble can appear unattractive to the patient and impacts self-confidence. Most cases happen with submuscular implants.

2. Bottoming Out

Another typical result of implant malposition is bottoming out. In this case, 1 or both implants drop significantly lower than the breast’s natural crease, well past the double bubble position. As a result, the breast looks much larger at the lower pole, losing volume on the upper pole. Other signs include asymmetrical breasts, a lower nipple or nipple that points upward, and discomfort.

3. When 2 become 1

A rare but unpleasant malposition can occur when the implants shift to the center of the chest. This is called symmastia. In severe cases, the implants move to the center of the pectoral muscle, forming what looks like a single breast. Larger implants that have a high malposition can turn to symmastia. During large implant recovery, patients who wear a bra with an underwire can force the implants into that unnatural position.

Do you need revision surgery?

Breast augmentation requires recovery time. During that time, the implants can settle into the expected place. However, if the implants seem to be moving to an unnatural position, see the surgeon immediately. For mild issues, some surgeons may adopt a wait-and-see approach. However, most cases will require breast revision surgery. The surgeon will use multiple strategies to address the issue. Some patients may require smaller implants or moving the location of the implants. The surgeon may also suggest a breast lift to improve the shape of the breasts. The surgeon will use the same incisions from the initial procedure to minimize scarring and speed up recovery.

Improving malposition is possible

No surgeon goes into a breast augmentation intending to place the implant incorrectly. However, different circumstances can cause malposition. Capsular contracture, scarring, tubular breasts, and poor recovery are common examples. The goal for any surgeon is to ensure the patient is safe and satisfied. If there’s an issue, the surgeon will be happy and willing to help the patient achieve the best results.

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