Do You Need Compression Wear After Breast Surgery? Speeding Up Your Recovery


Do You Need Compression Wear After Breast Surgery? Speeding Up Your Recovery

Speed Up Breast Surgery Recovery

Cosmetic surgeries are at an all-time high, with people eager to achieve improved shapes, sizes, and contours. Breast surgeries, including breast lifts and augmentations, are some of the most popular procedures performed by plastic surgeons. With breast surgery comes a period of recovery. During that time, the swelling and discomfort mean women will not see the results immediately. The breasts also need time to drop and fluff, settling into the new location. Women are eager to speed up recovery after breast surgery. Compression wear is an effective tool proven to cut down on recovery time.

Introducing compression wear

After breast surgery, the surgeon will discuss strategies to speed up healing, including compression wear. A compression garment is any clothing that applies gentle pressure on a specific part of the body. This clothing is popular among athletes in the form of arm, elbow, and knee sleeves, socks, and shirts. For breast surgery, women can use compression bras, with some specifically designed to help with recovery. Typically, patients use compression wear during the first month of recovery.

Dressed and compressed

The bra is gently placed over any bandages and must be worn based on the surgeon’s recommendations. For some patients, this may be consecutively for several weeks or within the first 1-2 weeks of surgery. The bra should be snug without squeezing the breasts and causing discomfort. Compression bras are adjustable, so play with the straps to find the best fit. After a few weeks, the patient can switch to a more comfortable compression sports bra.

Gentle pressure

Compression garments can help during the recovery process and lead to positive results. For augmentations, the bra helps hold the implants in place. The gentle pressure also reduces swelling, that’s common with surgery. Inflammation can cause fluid buildup. Compressing the area allows the fluid to move away from the surgical incisions. The garment improves circulation, promoting the healing of the incisions and tissue. Some even reduce complications like lymphedema and blood clots. Best of all, compression wear helps women feel more comfortable during the initial stages of recovery.

Mandatory garment?

A good candidate for breast surgery has excellent overall health, setting the individual up for a smooth recovery. Younger and healthy patients can heal without using compression garments, but many still find the support beneficial. Certain factors, like implant size or submuscular versus subglandular location, may affect the decision. Some may opt against compression wear to help the breasts drop faster. However, the benefits of compression wear are undeniable. Patients want to see results as soon as possible. A compression bra can save a few days of discomfort, swelling, and potential complications. Patients can see and enjoy the results sooner while feeling more comfortable.

Compress your recovery timeline

Breast lifts and augmentations will continue to rise in popularity, and women will want to recover as soon as possible. Compression wear can be a helpful tool in the process. By applying gentle pressure, breast surgery patients will experience less swelling and pain and a shorter recovery time. After a few weeks, patients can enjoy the final results of surgery.

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