Do You Need To Wear A Bra After Breast Augmentation?

john park plastic surgery Do You Need To Wear A Bra After Breast Augmentation

Do You Need To Wear A Bra After Breast Augmentation?

Can You Skip The Bras?

Wearing a bra is a constant reality for most women for support. Following breast augmentation, a woman’s breasts are more attractive and perkier than before. Naturally, the temptation would be to go braless as much as possible. Ditching the bra is a common question asked by patients. Is wearing a bra necessary during and after recovery?

Bras help with recovery

After surgery, bras are a requirement to help with a safe recovery. Upon awaking from surgery, the patient is bound in a soft dressing that stays on for 24 hours. The dressing is then swapped with a soft bra that is worn for 2 weeks. The bra protects the incisions and even helps keep the implants in place. The support bra could be removed for showering and cleaning. Patients can transition to a correctly sized bra of choice after 2 weeks. If the incision is beneath the breast, avoid underwire bras for at least 3 months to prevent irritation. Wearing the bra at night is optional but can help with a safe recovery.

Breast sagging can still happen

Once the recovery is over and patients go back to regular life, some patients may choose to go braless as much as possible. Going braless is great for a special occasion or event. However, all breasts, perky implants or otherwise, are subject to breast ptosis. Breast ptosis is more commonly known as drooping or sagging of the breasts. Age, breast size, and bra-wearing habits can impact breast ptosis. Therefore, women with large breast implants are more liable to the effects of gravity and breast sagging. A supportive bra helps keep the breast upright and comfortable while still providing the look and feel desired.

Speak with your surgeon

The temptation to go braless happens immediately after surgery and recovery. Bras after surgery are essential for everyday life and activities. Bras also help with recovery, swelling, and avoiding unnecessary movement. Wear bras for 6-8 weeks while avoiding strenuous lifting and other activities. At this point, speak with the surgeon about going braless. The surgeon will advise continuing wearing supportive bras while occasionally going braless for special occasions.

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